How to build-install above ground pools

Can you install your above ground pool ?

We know you can! We include installation videos for each pool we sell. Watch this "Atlantic Above Ground Pool" instalation video to see how easy it really is for all you DO-IT-YOURSELFERS. You still need help ? Call Tech Support 1-866-534-9725 Ext 2

Watch our above ground pool installation videos

Here is a small list of common questions on how to build-install above ground pools.

What is the best location for my above ground pool ?

The best location for your above ground pool may have many considerations. Stay off of easements, stay at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines. Also your local building department may have other regulations regarding septic systems, etc. Keeping your pool out from under trees will keep the water warmer, as well as reduce the amount of leaves that will fall into your pool.

Do I have to remove the grass or sod ?

You must remove all vegetation from the ground where the pool is going to be. This is done with a square shovel. If it is posable, use a square shovel and put an sharp edge on it with a grinder. this will make removing the sod much easier. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, you can rent a sod cutter for a few hours and cut it up in about 5 minutes. You still must remove it from area, but this will save allot work. Do not use a roto tiller! Remove the sod do not till it in!

What size swimming pool do I need ?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to picking the right size swimming pool for your backyard.

First, you should check with your local building department for placement requirements regarding easements, power lines, septic systems, etc. When considering an oval swimming pool, you need to consider extra clearance on the straight sides. Add 3 feet more clearance per side, even on Buttress Free or Yardmore models.

Another consideration is family size, or how many people will be using the swimming pool.

What kind of pool should I buy ?

We would recommend NOT buying the cheapest pool you could find. The old saying ?you get what you pay for? is usually true for swimming pools as well.

We would buy a pool that comes with a good quality, name brand filter and pump. Preferably a cartridge filter.Cartridge filters catch smaller particles in the water than a sand filter would, keeping the water cleaner and healthier to swim in. As well, a brand name pump and motor won?t go bad or burn out fast like the cheaper ones do.
Automatic cleaners are also very popular these days. Automatic pool cleaners work by going along the pool bottom sucking up dirt and algae, sending it to the filter. This not only circulates the pool water and filters it, but makes less work for you.

What kind of warranty do I get ?

You should buy a swimming pool with at least a 20 Year warranty. They may cost more up front, but will probably last longer due to the materials they are made of, as well as the coatings and treatments of the metals.

Can I build-install my pool myself ?

You can certainly build-install the pool yourself. By making a plan and taking your time, your swimming pool should come out looking great.

Most all pools comes with an installation manual or an installation video. There are installation tips elsewhere on this site, see How to build-install above ground pools.

How long will my swimming pool last ?

Some environments are harsher than others. We believe if you take care of your swimming pool by keeping up with the pools' maintenance, and covering it in the winter or when not in use, it will last decades.

Do I need sand for my swimming pool ?

Everyone asks if they need sand. The truth is that depending on your swimming pools' location, you may or may not need sand. Sand is great if you have too many rocks to pick out, or if your yard is full of big roots, glass or anything of that nature. But if you have clean  soft earth in your yard, it?s probably better than sand.

The biggest problem with sand is that it doesn?t compact or cling to itself like natural earth, because there is no clay in it. No matter how much you pack it or water it while you work, you still get footprints.This makes for a soft bottom that is hard to make smooth and flat.

So if you must use sand for your swimming pools? bottom, use only as much as you need to make smooth. Another option would be to buy a foam pad or gorilla bottom made for specifically for above ground pools.

Will my health insurance company buy me a swimming pool ?

We have had many customers over the years who claim that their health insurance company paid for their swimming pool, due to their physical disability.

The swimming pool is used for their physical therapy or rehabilitation. So if you are disabled, you may want to ask your health insurance company about this.