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Be sure to first measure your pool before ordering a liner


When it comes time to replace your above ground swimming pool liner, some of you out there are uncertain which style of pool liner you have, or what you can use. With many differences between them, sometimes it can be a little confusing. To help clear up any uncertainty, we have put together a brief description of each type of swimming pool liner and how it attaches to the swimming pool. This information is sure to be of some help. If you need any assistance call our tech line 866 534 9725 ext.1

Overlap Liners: This type of swimming pool liner simply goes up and over the top edge of the pool wall, and hangs down on the outside. Overlap liners are available in both 20 and 25 gauge vinyl, and come plain or in many patterns. This style liner uses plastic strips to attach and hold the pool liner in place. These coping strips come in two common forms. The first is a flat ribbon style, and the second is tube shaped. These coping strips should be replaced if they show signs of being cracked or broken. An overlap pool liner can be used in any swimming pool as an economical substitute for a beaded or unibead style pool liner. You may however, have to purchase enough coping strips for the size of your pool.

Beaded Liners: These types of swimming pool liners differ from others by their method of attachment. Beaded pool liners simply go up the pool wall then snap into a track using the welt or bead that runs along the liners entire edge. This track the liner snaps into is referred to as the bead receiver, and runs continuosly along the top of the pool wall. Beaded pool liners are usually 25 gauge vinyl and very decorative. The fact that you generally do not have to disassemble the top half of the pool to change the liner, makes them easier to install. This type of liner works very well in situations where a large deck is built around the pool, or if the pool is sunk into the earth. Beaded pool liner come in two different heights 48" and 52". Converting an existing swimming pool with an overlap liner, to a pool with a beaded liner, is easily accomplished by installing the bead receiver onto the wall and installing the right height liner. When installing a beaded liner into a 54" tall pool, use a 52" tall beaded liner and a slightly larger pool cove.

Unibead Liners: The unibead or J-Hook liner is a very unique swimming pool liner. This style liner will fit any common above ground pool. The unibead liner can be hung over the wall like an overlap, or it can be used as a beaded liner. This style liner is always 25 gauge vinyl and always decorative. The unibead liner also comes in 48", 52", and 54" pool wall heights. When using this pool liner as an overlap liner, you only hang the J, or about an inch of vinyl over the pool wall and finish the install as normal. There is no guess work here. These liners are made for a given pool wall height. If this liner is to be installed as a beaded liner, you simply tear along the dotted line at the top of the pool liner, and remove the inch or so of vinyl that is no longer needed. Now its a beaded liner, and ready to install that way. If installing this liner beaded style, but in an overlap pool, be sure to have enough bead receiver on hand to make the conversion.

Expandable Liners: The expandable pool liner is nothing more than a very tall pool liner. They are made that way to accommodate for the extra vinyl needed for a deep end or deep middle swimming area. This style pool liner will allow for an extra 2-3 feet of water depth. This is most common on round above swimming pools. Expandable liners can only be installed in oval pools that have no buttress straps that run across the middle. Pools with straps cannot be dug out in the middle. Unless you are a professional pool installer, expect wrinkles or folds in the pool liner after installation.

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