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Pool Deck Compatible Fencing

No matter where you purchased your pool, our swimming pool safety fence will not only fit but make your pool look great. Constructed of vinyl and high impact resin, this pool fence is built to last, and look fantastic for years to come .These universal kits are well thought out, making installation a snap for the do it yourselfer. With each section of swimming pool fence a full 2 feet tall and slats less than 4 inches apart, this above ground pool fence adds a great measure of security to any swimming pool. Taupe in color (Off White)

When calculating the amount of pool fence you need, remember each section of fence equals one swimming pool top rail. Example: A typical 24 foot above ground swimming pool has 16 top rails. If you were to completely enclose this pool , and you have just a ladder, you would need 15 sections of pool safety fence.This would be enough pool fence to go around the pool, leaving one section open for the pool ladder. To purchase 15 sections of pool fence, you always start with the A pack then add 1 B pack and 2 C packs. A pack has 8 sections, B pack has 3 section and C pack has 2 sections for a total of 15 sections. If you have a question about pool fences or any other items, our tech department is waiting to assist you. 866-534-9725 ext.1


Above ground pool fence


This solid 24” tall fencing helps to safely keep unwanted intruders out of the pool and keep toys and water games in. The rigid vinyl construction is maintenance-free, U.V.-protected, and can be mounted on any above ground pool. Our special mounting
brackets are made of high impact resin (so they are super-strong) and they are adjustable to accommodate any width top rail. Installation is easy and our fencing can fit any pool. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

To estimate which kits you will need to enclose your pool you will need to count the “fence sections.” One fence section equals the amount of fencing used to span between two pool uprights. Taupe in color. Fencing, fence posts, installation instructions, and required hardware is included.

Above Ground Pool Fence Chart

To estimate which kits you will need to enclose your pool, just count the number of "Fence Sections". A fence section is the amount of fencing used to span between two pool uprights. Simply count the number of sections you require and refer to the chart at the left for the breakdown of kits required.




Fence Base Kit (A) - includes first 8 sections and hardware

Sku#  A24T8 Price: $185.00 Quantity:  

 Add-On Kit (B) - includes 3 add-on sections
Sku#  B24T3 Price: $85.00 Quantity:  

 Add-On kit (C) - includes 2 add-on sections
Sku#  C24T2 Price: $70.00 Quantity:  

 Fence to Deck Connector Kit
Sku#  VIN-75-610 Price: $25.00 Quantity:  


Ladder/Step to Fence Connector Kit

Sku#  NE134L Price: $25.00 Quantity:  

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