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Winter Swimming Pool Products

Are you prepared for winter?

Well, I guess not if you are looking here. But you're in the right place though. Pools Above Ground offers the latest in top quality winterizing pool products to protect your investment from the clutches of old man winter's icy grip. We have winter pool chemicals, above ground pool covers, inground pool covers, leaf nets, cover pumps and many other accessories to keep your pool snug as a bug all winter long.

How To Winterize Your Swimming Pool

1. Clean Your Pool
  Cleaning your pool now will greatly reduce the amount of clean up in the spring. A thorough cleaning is best. This includes brushing the walls, vacuuming the pool bottom, cleaning out the skimmer basket, even cleaning the filter system.

2. Balance Your Water

 Prior to closing the pool, make sure all aspects of your water balance are within the desired ranges.
 PH. 7.2-7.6
 Alkalinity 80-120
 Calcium Hardness 180-220

3. Shock Your Pool Add Algaecide

  We recommend using a chlorine-free shock for vinyl liner pools. Because the high concentration of chlorine, it may bleach the liner and maybe to harsh on floating pool covers and air pillows. Remember not to add the algaecide at the same time as the shock. This will insure that the shock does not break down the algaecide.

4.Lower The Water Level

 Lower the water level 4-6 inches below the skimmer unless using an Aquador. This will insure that water does not expand in the skimmer during the freeze and crack it. On in-ground pools, lower  the water level below the tile line to ensure the tiles do not crack from the expansion of the ice.

5.Drain And Plug Your Liners

 Above ground pool only require disconnecting of the skimmer and return hoses. Drain the pump and filter tank. If possible remove the filter system and place in a shed or garage out of the weather On inground pools, drain or blow out all the water from the lines, then plug them with winterizing plugs to keep them from cracking. If not possible to drain them, then use a pool anti-freeze and follow directions from the manufacturer. If you have a gas heater, make sure the lines are also drained free of water.

6.Remove Pool Accessories

 Remove any ladders, skimmer basket, pool cleaner, solar blanket and put them in a safe location for the winter. This will keep these items from being damaged by the freeze.

 Lubricate the O-ring on the pump and the filter tank on cartridge filters. Also lube up any shut off valves to keep them from sticking too. If you have a gas heater, lubricate the threads on the plugs, and put them back in.

8.Cover Pool

 A tight fitting cover is essential. This will keep the cover from flapping in the wind and damaging it. A tight fitting pool cover will also keep debris from entering the pool as well as any unwanted critters seeking refuge from the elements. Above ground pools should always use an air pillow to absorb the expansion of the ice, preventing the walls from cracking.