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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Pools Above Ground offers high quality above ground pools and swimming pool accessories at the lowest prices. We've carefully selected our swimming pool lineup to give you the best above ground pool for your hard earned money. Buy our complete pool kits or create your own custom pool package. Great care has been given in the selection of all components we offer so you can rest assured you'll have a top quality pool that will last for decades to come.

AboveGround Pool Packages 

Our biggest seller is complete above ground pool packages. In this category all of the pools listed come with every component needed to build and enjoy your new above ground pool. Pool packages include the pool wall and frame as well as a 25ga heavy duty unibead pool liner. You also receive a complete and properly sized pool water filteration system for the swimming pool selected. Each above ground pool package also includes a folding locking safety ladder, 8 piece pool maintenance kit, start up chemical kit and free shipping within the contingent 48 states.

Build Your Own Custom Pool Kit

Build Your Own Custom Above Ground Pool Kits are for those looking for flexibility when selecting their ideal above ground pool. These pool kits come with the pool frame, walls, standard liner and skimmer/ return fittings and are popular with those just needing to replace the pool itself. This category is also very popular those wishing to customize or select only certain components. Different liner prints, pool steps, filter systems and other accessories can be added to the base kit to create the perfect pool for your backyard. As with all of our above ground pool packages, all components are properly sized and work well with the pool size and model selected. 

Deep Above Ground Pools

Looking for something truly unique? Take a look at our oval deep above ground pools.These are high quality resin steel hybrid pool models, a great choice for those looking for a long lasting feature packed swimming pool. The ability to have a true deep end or deep center in an oval shaped swimming pool really sets these pools apart from the crowd. No other manufacturer offers this feature in their oval pool frame design. This means that you can a variable depth pool up to 7 feet deep and still be covered under warranty.

Wooden Above Ground Pools

Wooden Pools are exactly what the name implies, real wood above ground pools. These beauties are solid wood construction and not just a wrap or overlay! Regardless it's above ground or semi-inground, the real wood pools are uniquely stylish and elegant. They are available in a palette of colors designed to compliment the natural nobility of wood while enhancing your outdoor environment. These beautifully constructed wood pools are a work of art and a serious departure from the typical above ground pool. Their striking looks and solid wood construction are often described as "lawn furniture" as they are as much a pleasure to look as they are great at providing years of enjoyment for families of all sizes. It's clear to see that nothing beats the natural look of wood.

The Benefits Of Above Ground Pools

When you buy your own home, you should make it truly comfortable for your entire family. A clean, large backyard and a lively front porch are two necessities for a relaxed and happy home. One of these great additions to any home is an above ground swimming pool for your family's enjoyment.

When it comes to adding anything to a home, the cost is often a concern. However, when compared to an in-ground pool, the cost difference is thousands of dollars. An above ground pool costs less, and the installation is much easy. Instead of taking time – which could mean months – to install an inground pool, you and your family can install their above ground pool in just one day. At Pools Above Ground, we carry a wide variety of models, sizes, and brands of above ground swimming pools. We offer complete pool packages and easily customizable options.

Above ground, pools remain portable as well, even when they are placed in one spot in the yard. If you choose to move your pool to the other side of the yard, this is an option. You can even take your above ground pool with you if you move to another home. Because above ground swimming pools come in a variety of sizes, the pool can be situated according to your house's yard. They can fit a dozen or two children or just a few depending on what you need. While size varies, an above ground pool will always take up less space in your backyard.

While you save money and gain flexibility when you choose an above ground swimming pool, you do not sacrifice any of the features. You can purchase steps, diving boards, and other features that can also be installed with an inground swimming pool. In addition, an above ground pool is often a safer option. It is usually more difficult for small children and pets to wander into an above ground than an inground swimming pool. A ladder can be disconnected and moved when the pool is not in use. At Pools Above Ground, we carry all the accessories that you need in the same high-quality brands. You will find a large selection and merely call ahead if you do not see what you need online.

Above ground pools are also simple to maintain. While you will use the same pool chemicals as you would for any swimming pool, it can get often useless. Inground pools are more comprehensive than above ground pools. You will buy and use fewer chemicals and fewer filters. You will also spend less to heat the pool, and use less water.

One of the primary reasons homeowners choose to install an inground swimming pool is to add to the value of their home. While this is a positive addition to your home, an inground pool also leads to the addition of higher property taxes. It does not come into play when an above ground pool is kept on the property.

An above ground swimming pool is an excellent addition to any home. Whether you keep it up all year round or keep it heated, it is yours to customize just as you would with an inground swimming pool. With a portable swimming pool, you can never have too much family fun.

Swimming Pools

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