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10' Round 52" Deep Savanna Pool

Savanna features solid wood construction with resin top ledges for beauty and durability. Made by Aqua-Bois Canada. Included is 10' Savanna pool assembly without stain, Brighton Prism liner, wide-mouth skimmer & return kit, bead track, install manual, live tech support. Scroll down for details.

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Wooden Pools - Whether it's above ground or semi-inground, Aqua-Bois wood pools are uniquely stylish and elegant. They are available in a palette of colors designed to compliment the natural nobility of wood while enhancing your outdoor environment. These beautifully constructed woods pools are a work of art and a serious departure from the typical above ground pool. Their striking looks and solid wood construction are often described as "lawn furniture" as they are as much a pleasure to look as they are great at providing years of enjoyment for families of all sizes. It's clear to see that nothing beats the natural look of wood.

This wooden pool model is the 10' Round 52" Deep Savanna by Aqua Bois. This beauty is designed to be installed above ground only. It's constructed using treated yellow pine for the wall panels and columns while the top ledges are 7" wide and made from solid resin. Resin is incredibly tough and provides the ultimate in durability. Resin is maintenance free, will not warp, crack, split or rust. If you are looking for a beautiful wood swimming pool that can withstand the worst mother nature has to offer, the Savanna is the wood pool model for you.

The Savanna is designed to be installed above ground only. The semi-inground resin top rail version is the Toundra The Toundra can be installed between 24"-36" into the earth and the only difference between the Savanna and the Boreale is wood species. Treated Red Pine is used for all pools that are buried in-ground as it's proven to be better suited for that environment.

Wood Construction Specs - All of our wood pools are built from treated pine. This species of wood is well known for its resistance to harsh weather conditions, regardless of season. In addition to its unsurpassed beauty, the durability of this wood species far surpasses that of cedar. This is not surprising, since treated pine is a wood species that is much sturdier than cedar. Compared to Red Cedar, treated pine is 31% harder, 30% more rupture resistant and 47% more shock resistant. This makes treated pine the perfect material for wood pool construction.

The wood used is pressure treated using a new ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) green process that poses no danger to human health or to the environment and does not contaminated water. This new process is also called “alkaline copper preservative composite”. This is a non-toxic and green ACQ process.

This preservation technology, which is the basis for ACQ treated wood, has been used commercially in throughout Europe, Asia and the United States since 1991. It is also used in the construction of pressure-treated structures for playgrounds, picnic tables, terraces, patios, docks, etc.

Wood Stain Selection - Each wooden pool model is available pre-stained from the factory in 6 different colors. Due to variations and setting in computer monitors, the actual color may be somewhat different than the image displayed. If you need an exact color or wish to match your pool to your house, fence or other building, select the no-stain option and apply your own custom stain color.

Pool Liners - Liners for the Savanna are made from heavy gauge virgin vinyl and offered in two print choices. They are secured to the pool wall with a in-ground pool liner fastening system that is pre-installed at the factory. This makes for a very easy worry-free installation. And with a slight dish in the shape of the pool floor, the Savanna's liner fits taught and secure while providing an extra 6" of water depth in the center of the pool.


Savanna And Toundra Components


      Structural Panels

  • Copper-azole-treated yellow pine – Savanna only
  • ACQ-treated red pine – Toundra only
  • Width: 4’ (1.20 m)
  • Height of walls: 52” (1.32 m)
  • Height of walls: 48” (1.22 m) - Toundra oval only
  • Factory-preassembled with planks mortise and tenon moulded.
    Savanna: plain planks roughly 3 ½” (8.75 cm) wide.

      Wall Panels

  • Flexible
  • Their number determines the size of the pool


  • Made of Resin (round pools), 100 % wood(oval pools)
  • Handcrafted at the factory then assembled with glue and screws.
  • Savanna: yellow pine
  • Toundra: Red pine


  • Made of resin 7" (Savanna round pools) 9" (oval pools)
  • All semi-inground pools 9' resin


      Seat Caps

  • Made of antiskid injected resin, very easy to install.

      Fastener Cover

  • Attractive and safe


  • Three 5/16” (8 mm) galvanized steel cables form the pool’s strong assembly
  • Plastic coated for a sleek appearance and for protection from chemicals and salt.
  • Cable breaking point: 9,800 lbs.


  • Foam insulation 1/8” (3.2 mm) thick inserted between the liner and the walls.


  • Vinyl liner secured with a standard in ground pool fastening system, factory installed.

      Packaging And Shipping

  • Delivered on a pallet in 3 or 4 boxes, depending on the size of the pool.
  • Typical delivery time is approx. 2 weeks.
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More Information
Pool Model Savanna
Pool Shape Round Pools
Pool Size 10' Round
Pool Wall Height 52" Wall Height
Top Ledge Material Resin Top Ledges