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Above Ground Pool Packages

Our great above ground pool packages are designed to take the hassle out of swimming pool shopping. These carefully selected items were brought together through years of hands on above ground pool experience. All proven combinations that work well and deliver years of stress-free service. No matter the pool package selected, you can rest assured you have a high quality American made pool and accessories that will provide tons of backyard family entertainment. All swimming pool packages include everything needed to swim in one quick and easy shipment. And all are backed by full factory warranties and include live human tech support.

Included Items In Our Above Ground Pool Packages

Our biggest seller is complete above ground pool packages. In this category all of the pools listed come with every component needed to build and enjoy your new above ground pool. Pool packages include the pool wall and frame as well as a 25ga heavy duty unibead pool liner. You also receive a complete and properly matched pool water filtration system for the swimming pool selected. Each above ground pool package also includes a folding locking safety ladder, 8 piece pool maintenance kit, start up chemical kit and free shipping within the contingent 48 states.

Above Ground Pool Kit Installation And Resources

To help make your new swimming pool installation experience easy, each pool includes a paper installation manual as well as a swimming pool installation DVD. We have also added the installation manuals and exploded parts diagrams for each pool model right here on our website.

In addition to instructional materials, we offer unlimited technical assistance and support throughout your pool installation process. Our 30 years of experience building and selling above ground swimming pools can be an invaluable asset. For live tech support for your new pool simply give us a call.

What Comes With Every Pool Package

When you decide to buy an above ground swimming pool for your family, it may seem to be an overwhelming task. However, when you begin your search at Pools Above Ground, all the potential hassle goes out the window, and soon you'll have the pool of your dreams.

At Pools Above Ground, we have a variety of above ground pool packages from quality and well-trusted pool brands. Complete pool packages take much of the hassle out of shopping for an above ground swimming pool. Each box is carefully chosen piece by piece by experts that have years of experience in the industry. They include everything necessary for setting up your new swimming pool quickly and easily. Each complete pool package features factory warranties and tech support to secure each step of the pool installation.

Each pool package typically includes a pool liner, a skimmer kit, a filter system, a ladder, a maintenance kit, start-up chemicals and an installation manual. Pools Above Ground's experts work hard to put each package together, with “customers come first” in mind, each pack is easily customizable. You can add a heavy-duty liner to your chosen above ground pool, and for those applicable pools, a saltwater filtration system as an alternative to a cartridge filter.

Coming in both 52-inch and 54-inch models, the brand Wilbar International comes in four models: the Caribbean, Caspian, Mediterranean, and Montego. The Caribbean model comes in several sizes but only at the height of 52-inches. This beautiful yet straightforward model shows that you do not need to make an enormous investment to have a quality American made swimming pool in your backyard.

A taller model at 54 inches in height, the Caspian model can be used with both sand and cartridge filtration systems. The Caspian is warrantied for a salt system, so you can reap the advantages of this system without voiding your pool's warranty. It has a steel service panel wall in which the skimmer and return are located. The panel wall is the most common area for corrosion, and one of the advantages of this model is that the skimmer and return jet opening won't corrode. The Mediterranean model is much the same and is an excellent choice for those looking for a long-term investment with its solid resin components.

The Montego pool model is the most heavy-duty above ground swimming pool sold at Pools Above Ground. It is made of steel and is an affordable, long-lasting option that can stand up to your quickly growing family. Even if it is not warranted for a salt system, it is one of the top sellers and an exceptional value.

All swimming pool packages will come with detailed instructions and more specific instructions by the type of above ground pool that you've purchased. However, call ahead with any questions regarding which pool is best for your family and live tech support as you set it up. Experts such as those at Pools Above Ground are there to help if you are not as handy as you'd like to be. Regardless of whether you need an expert or can do it on your own, this fun, family investment is always worth the wait.

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