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Deep Above Ground Pools

Deep Above Ground Pools

Looking for something truly unique? Take a look at our oval deep above ground pools. These are high quality resin steel hybrid pool models, a great choice for those looking for a long lasting feature packed swimming pool. The ability to have a true deep end or deep center in an oval shaped swimming pool really sets these pools apart from the crowd. No other manufacturer offers this feature in their oval pool frame design. This means that you can a variable depth pool up to 7 feet deep and still be covered under warranty.

Making An Oval Above Ground Pool Deeper

The framework of oval above ground pools are completely different that that of round pools. A round pool has a simple round ring that's laid on the ground with no metal structure or supports protruding inward and crossing through the pool's middle. This makes it very easy to add a deeper swimming area, just dish out the center and install the pool liner.

Oval above ground pools require a much more complicated and robust frame structure. Unfortunately this framework includes metal components that cross through the center of the pool preventing the addition of a deeper swimming area. These metal straps cross from one side of the pool to the other and tie the two straight sides together. They cannot be left out during pool construction as they are critical pieces of the frame. Once installed there is no room for a deep end or deeper middle and leaving them out will result in catastrofic pool failure. Modifying the pool is not recommended and will void your pool warranty.

Deep End Oval Pool Shopping Made Easy

If you want to know if the new pool you're looking at is capable of having a deep end, just ask the dealer if it has buttress straps. If it does than no real deep end is possible. The way to get to get what you want is to purchase a professionally engineered deep end oval pool by Hoffinger. These strapless oval pools can have a maximum depth of up to 7 feet and a ramp up to the shallow end. Hoffinger makes Doughboy and everyone has heard of Doughboy pools. They've been around for over 60 years and their quality is second to none. Best of all they're built right here in the USA.

Get Only The Best Deep End Swimming Pools

When it comes to customizing your family's swimming pool, you want to include features that can delight everyone. As you are looking for the best above ground swimming pool to accommodate your entire family (as well as a few friends), there are several options that you encounter as you consider deep end above ground pools.

Deep end swimming pools typically come with variable depth to suit your family's needs. They can be up to 7 feet deep, with varying depths that remained covered under warranty. These pools may have one end that is deeper than the rest of the pool, as the name suggests or their deepest point will be in the center of the swimming pool. Deep end above ground swimming pools is unique and particularly resilient against everyday use.

Each deep end swimming pool combines high tech resin ledges with steel frame construction. Strong and durable, these pools are great for harsher environments. Each deep end pool includes pool assembly, a pool liner, a skimmer and return kit, an install manual, and live tech support every step of the way. There are three models of deep end swimming pools from Pools Above Ground, including Paradise, Shasta, and Southern Sea.

The Shasta and Paradise deep end swimming pools are high quality with many great features and are a step above the durability of all-steel models, as the resin is a material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. These models can last for several years due to its heavy-duty construction. The Southern Sea model is ideal for those looking for a saltwater swimming pool, but it can also be used for a traditional chlorine pool. Made from the resin as the first two models, it can stand up to the sometimes-harsh effects of saltwater.

Deep end oval pools from Pools Above Ground come in a variety of sizes. From a small 12-feet by 24-feet deep end swimming pool to a much larger 21-feet by the 41-feet swimming pool that accommodates several members of your family, it is essential to choose the correct size for you. When you buy a high-quality pool from Pools Above Ground, you should only have to shop once for a pool that lasts several years.

The high-quality deep end above ground pools at Pools Above Ground is resilient and robust models for playing fun and challenging pool games. These are an excellent option for above ground pools because they come with high quality and long-lasting features. These pools are different from other above ground swimming pools due to the deep end feature, or a deep center. A pool with a deep end is not unique but provides more opportunity to install a diving board or to play more complex and fun.

When it comes to having a deep end oval pool, there are just some pool games that get better once you've invested in this unique swimming pool. Playing Battleball, which is a rough game using large wooden goals and big beach balls for throwing into the other team's goal, is ideal when you have a proper deep end. Other deep end pool games are Marco Polo and Capture the Change – the challenge increases when you have six feet or more of water to swim through.

All the pools sold with Pools Above Ground are customizable with an upgraded liner or any accessories. With it being only too easy to put together a customized pool package for your home, you'll find exactly the type of deep end swimming pool that makes a home that much better.



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