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Saltwater Pools

Saltwater Above Ground Pools

It is incredible how many types of pools are available for purchase. Above ground swimming pools are by far the most cost-effective without sacrificing quality and can be customized to meet most of anyone's needs. One of the more popular options for above ground pools is the saltwater above ground pool.

A saltwater above ground pool is not just a unique swimming option, but it has several advantages. Some people encounter adverse side effects from the chlorine typically used to keep pools clean, and saltwater is a great way to swim without suffering. The primary role of salt in saltwater pools is not what most think. A popular theory is that it improves a swimmer's buoyancy or disinfects the pool more efficiently. However, the saltwater in a saltwater pool is much less than that of the ocean. In a home swimming pool, salt provides a continual source of convertible chlorine.

Saltwater as a source of convertible chlorine can kill germs in the pool and neutralize any contaminants in comparison to traditional chlorine. A unit that contains slightly charged plates made of titanium will allow the salt to pass through. This process is known as electrolysis, which means that the salt breaks down to reform in the water and is responsible for the disinfection of an above ground pool. This supply of salt is continually flowing into the pool, disinfecting throughout.

Saltwater, as mentioned, is a more natural substitute for chlorine. When chlorine levels fall in a traditional above ground swimming pool, it is typically due to a few different things. It could be a slip in its maintenance and testing, unhealthy by-products in the chemicals, or when the chloramines do not break down when the pool is being filtered and disinfected. This lack of chemical breakdown can result in red itchy eyes, lung irritation and that distinctly awful chlorine pool smell. Saltwater pools do not present these problems because it replenishes itself and does not need constant and strict pool maintenance.

One of the primary benefits of saltwater pools is the lack of chemical side effects. Chlorine can be quite irritating to swimmers, especially when strict maintenance is not kept up. The harsh chemical can also cause skin irritation and asthma-like symptoms for swimmers who are in the water for long periods of time. It can also become a problem when there is too little chlorine in the water, and the contaminants run wild.

At Pools Above Ground, we sell five models of saltwater swimming pools: the Amazone, Caspian, Mediterranean, Savanna, and the Southern Sea models. The Boreale, however, is the only saltwater semi-inground swimming pool sold by Pools Above Ground. If you have any questions regarding these beautiful saltwater pools, their benefits or their installation, call the pool experts.

When you are considering a saltwater above the ground swimming pool, understand that this is not a chemical free system. Saltwater pools can benefit from a steady flow of chlorine throughout the water. However, as the point goes, it is important to say that these pools are a much healthier option – and by far, a cooler one. Luckily for the variety of homeowners that come to Pools Above Ground, there are quite a few of options to choose from. From a customized above ground swimming pool to one that depends on salt for disinfection, each customer can create the pool of their dreams with ease.

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