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18'x33' Oval Aluminum Mediterranean LX Sand Filter Package

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Mediterranean LX - This is a great choice for those looking for a high end long lasting feature packed swimming pool. This aluminum and resin hybrid is a step up from the "all steel" pool models. This is because Mediterranean LX uses many resin components in its construction. Resin is a high grade plastic material that lasts a long time and weathers very nicely. Because resin does not rust or corrode like metal, making non structural components from resin ensures a long part life. The solid resin components in this model are the injection molded 7" top ledges, frame rails, base plates and top plates.

 Mediterranean LX is also warrantied for use with a salt system.

Mediterranean LX Pool Assembly Specifications

  • Manufactured by Wilbar International - New York, USA
  • 54" aluminum wall with Resin Shield coating for damage and corrosion resistance.
  • Strong 7" wide injection molded resin ledges and SynproTM resin top ledge covers.
  • Solid resin frame rails, resin base plates and resin top plates.
  • Beautiful Pearl wall color goes with practically any decor.
  • 60-Year Manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Approximate space required for installation - 22'x34' Area
  • Approximate water capacity - 17,000 gallons

Mediterranean LX Deluxe Swimming Pool Package Includes:

  • 18'x33'x54" Wilbar Mediterranean LX Pool Assembly
  • 18'x33'x54" Swimline Mystri Gold 25ga Unibead Pool Liner
  • Waterway 22" Deluxe Sand Filter System
  • Waterway 1.5hp High Efficiency Pump - 120v
  • Widemouth Thru-Wall Skimmer And Return Fitting
  • Confer 7100X A-Frame Folding Locking Safety Ladder
  • Deluxe 8 Piece Pool Maintenance Kit
  • 30,000 Gallon Start-Up Chemical Kit
  • 18'x33' Winter Pool Cover
  • Free Residential Lift-gate Delivery (48 Contiguous States)

Resin Pool Components - The advantages of resin pool components are numerous. Aside from the for-mentioned lack of corrosion, resin is also a much more flexible material. This means that it's much harder to damage pieces like top ledges from sitting or climbing on them. Resin tends to bounce back into shape as where sheet steel ledges may bend or dent under these same stresses. Another big advantage to the resin is that it's much cooler to the touch. Resin top ledges are not nearly as hot as steel on a hot summer day. This means they are far less likely to burn you if you leaned back or sat on them. Resin is a great material for use on above ground pools as resin out performs steel on non-structural pieces and looks good doing it. Resin parts rarely need replacing and can add years to the life of the swimming pool.

Saltwater Pools - Today salt water systems for above ground pools are more popular than ever. We all love the easier pool maintenance routine that a quality salt system can offer, but it does take a more corrosion resistant pool to keep things under warranty. This pool is warrantied for use with a salt system but can be used with chlorine or other sanitizing systems too.

Mystri Gold 25ga. Unibead Liner - Multi-colored rope tiles with blue tile background printed on the upper portion of the wall and swirl print on the lower wall and floor. Swimline's Unibead 54" vinyl pool liner will fit overlap, j-hook or bead receivers keeping decorative tile lines or waterline graphics straight and uniform. If you are unsure of your liner type, this is the one to get. Fits most any pool type and made from 100% virgin vinyl. Protected from ultraviolet fading and chemical degradation. Best cold crack resistance in the industry. 25 year warranty.

Waterway 150 sq.ft. Cartridge Filter System - Waterway Blue Star cartridge filters systems for new or old above ground pools. 150 sq.ft. filtering area, 1.5 hp pump, 115V, 120 GPM  Water turnover rate is 57,000 gallons in 8 hours.Large capacity filter body to capture dirt and debris. Large size means less cleaning and longer filtering cycles. Designed specifically for the rigors of above-ground filtration and engineered for easy use with flexible or rigid PVC plumbing. Everything included to get your pool up and running fast. Easy installation with few pieces to assemble. Kit includes pump, filter body mounting platform base, hoses, clamps, fittings and all necessary hardware.

Confer A-Frame Pool Ladder - Confer's 7100X deluxe heavy-duty in-pool ladder. Designed for those in need of a sturdy deck to pool ladder. This ladder is adjustable for deck heights from 46" to 56". Flat treads measuring 5" x 18" for easier climbing in and out of the water.wide Taupe side rails with grey treads for high visibility. Features an anti-entrapment barrier for safety. Includes mounting flanges and hardware. Optional #6000-EXT Extension Kit is available to extend ladder to approximately 66". Weight limit 300 lbs.

8 Piece Pool Maintenance Kit - This kit contain  all necessary items required to clean and maintain your new swimming pool. Maintenance Kit Includes: 5 Piece Vinyl Maintenance Kit (Skimmer, Vacuum Brush, Vac Head, Thermometer and Duo Test kit), Sectional 3 piece 4-12'Telepole, 1.25" x 36' Premium Vac Hose Box with Swivel and 1.5x50' Backwash Hose

Pool Chemical Kit - We’ve included necessary chemicals in each kit to get your new pool up and running. This kit contains enough chemicals for pools up to 15,000 gallons. Included is 2-1lb. bags of Fast Shock, 1 pint of Algaecide 50 and 1 pint of Clarifier. Simply follow included instructions to have your pool up and running in no time.

Pool Cover - Heavy Duty 10 Year pool cover. This solid winter cover is triple laminated polyethylene and features an 8 x 8 scrim count. This cover is Blue on the top side and the Black underside helps to prevent algae growth. Also included is a vinyl coated steel cable along with a non-rusting deluxe aluminum cable winch for secure lock down. 2 non-rusting aluminum grommets every 3 feet around entire cover's perimeter for added strength and security. Each cover comes with a 4 ft of overlap for more than enough coverage. The overlap allows the cover to wrap up under the pool top rails for secure attachment. 10 Year warranty with 1 year full rated.

Pool Installation Resources - To help guide you through the pool building process, each pool comes with a paper installation manual as well as an installation DVD. The installation manuals and exploded parts diagrams for each pool model are available for viewing or downloading here on the website. In addition, we share our knowledge, experience and advice with all of our customers by offering unlimited technical assistance and support throughout your pool installation process. With nearly 30 years experience building and selling above ground pools we have the best answers to your questions. Simply call our tech support line for real human assistance.

Swimming Pool Installation Tips - When installing a pool in your backyard, it's a good idea to add some sort of liner protection to prevent possible damage from sharp objects, critters and even vegetation. Products like Armor Shield are excellent in preventing sharp rocks, moles or insects from poking holes in your new liner. This incredibly strong Geo-textile material is non-biodegradable and ensures years of swimming pool liner protection. Aside from it's ability to stop damage caused by critters, it's breathable material allows moisture and condensation to escape, preventing premature pool wall corrosion. Armor Shield also extends the factory warranty on your new pool liner. When installing a round pool on concrete of other hard surface, always use Armor Shield pool floor protection and always use the preformed pool base cove. Do not use sand or earth under the liner if installing your pool on hard surfaces like concrete, as rains will wash it away leaving the pool liner to make contact with the pool framework risking possible puncture.

Important - Products like plastic sheeting, Styrofoam, roofing paper, vermiculite and perlite are never recommended for use under pool liners. They cause premature pool corrosion as moisture cannot pass through them, leaving the pool walls continuously wet. The use of these and other like materials can easily cut the life expectancy of your new swimming pool in half.

Shipping And Delivery Of Above Ground Pools - Once ordered, above ground pools typically leave our warehouse same or next business day. Because of their size and weight, above ground pools are delivered by freight carrier and not UPS. The freight carrier will deliver your pool to the given delivery address within 5 to 7 business days. Prior to delivery, the freight carrier will call you to scheduled an appointment for the delivery of your new pool. An adult must be at the delivery address at the time of drop off to receive and sign for the shipment.

Building Code Requirements - It's good practice to check with your local building department for their requirements in regards to above ground pool installations. Permits, proper fencing, property easements, overhead and under ground utilities even septic systems may need to be addressed to ensure a safe legal location for your new pool. In addition, a call to the utility company is of great help, as they will mark out the underground utility lines ensuring cable or telephone lines are not cut during pool installation.

Swimming Pool Safety - Your above ground pool has been designed to provide you with years of safe, family fun. This entails that water safety must always be taken into account. When used incorrectly, your above ground swimming pool can be dangerous; above ground pools are shallow, and this makes diving and jumping unsafe. To ensure your above ground pool is used safely you must observe the safety precautions that are provided to you when you purchase an above ground pool and conform to all local regulations.

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More Information
Pool Shape Oval Pools
Pool Model Mediterranean LX
Pool Size 18' x 33' Oval
Pool Wall Height 54" Wall Height
Top Ledge Material Resin Top Ledges