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Hayward SwimClear 325 Cartridge Filter

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Hayward SwimClear 325 cartridge filters provide crystal clear water and large capacity to accommodate any large in-ground pool. Effective filtration rate 325 Sq Ft. Very nice upgrade or excellent choice on any new swimming installations. Feature include: Single locking knob easily and securely fastens head to filter tank. Pipe Size 2.0" or 2.5". 4 Cartridges included. Valve sold separately.



Hayward SwimClear 325 cartridge filters provide crystal clear water and cleaning capacity to accommodate any large in-ground swimming pool. Very nice upgrade or excellent choice on a new swimming pool. SwimClear sets the standard of excellence and value. Feature include: Dimensions 34.5" H x 23" W. Turnover rate of 58,560 gallons every 8 hours. 4 Cartridges included. Full spec sheet and brochure under Documents tab.

Typical UPS delivery time is 3-5 business days. Package weight 65 lbs.

Cartridge Filter Basics - The cartridge filter is often described as the best bang for the buck, meaning that many feel it does the best job of filtering pool water for the amount of money spent and time needed for maintenance. The cartridge filter is a simple design with few moving parts inside. This makes for a reliable long lasting pool filter. Another advantage of the cartridge filter is that most have a tall and slender design which makes them perfect for tight spaces. The fact cartridge filters offer the most sq ft of filtering area, also makes them an attractive option for most any swimming pool owner.

How A Cartridge Filter Works - When the pump is running, water coming from the pool enters the filter tank and passes through the filter's pleated cartridge element. As the water is forced through the cartridge, hair, dirt, bugs, algae and other debris are caught on the outside of the cartridge. The now clean filtered water is returned back to the swimming pool.

Cleaning The Cartridge - Like all swimming pool filters, the Hayward SwimClear 325 cartridge filter needs cleaning on a regular basis. Doing so is a easy operation. First turn off the pump and release any pressure within the filter tank by opening up the air relief valve. Now remove the upper half of the filter tank and remove the filter cartridge for service. Once removed, spray off the exterior and between the pleats with a garden hose. Use a nozzle to create a blasting or pressure cleaning effect. This step should take only 5-10 minutes to perform a good rinsing. Once cleaning of the cartridge is complete, simply reinstall the filter cartridge and reassemble the filter tank. Once back together, you are good to go for another again.

Cartridge Rejuvenation - Occasionally, the filter cartridge may require a thorough cleaning to remove oils, minerals and other deposits that the water hose does not get off. To do this, simply soak the filter overnight in a bucket to break up the deposits using a filter restoring solution. Doing this at least once a year will ensure your cartridge performs it's best.

Cartridge Replacement - Time, cartridge size, bather load, hours of use, chemicals, suntan lotion and more will eventually take their toll on the filter cartridge. They become clogged and the fibers that make up the cartridge begin to break down and water can no longer pass through efficiently. The factors described above dictate the life of the filter, but as a general rule most cartridges last 2-5 years.

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