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Pool Cove Kits

Above Ground Pool Cove Kits

Above ground pools needs a cove or berm around the perimeter of the pool to protect the vinyl pool liner from coming into contact with the pool's framework. The corners and edges of the lower track or buttresses could snag the liner and cause a puncture. A pool cove kit makes a perfectly shaped transition from the pool's fllor to the pool wall. The foam pool coves are perfectly shapes and give your pool a professional looking installation. Our pool cove kits are sold by pool size and will have enough cove included to complete your above ground pool.

Advantages Of Pre-Formed Pool Cove

Aside from a professional finish to your pool floor, foam pool cove is a must when installing your above ground pool on concrete or other hard surfaces. Heavy splashing, rain or liner leaks will wash away pool coves made from sand or dirt. This will cause the pool liner to come in contact with the frame and potentailly damage your new pool liner. Our foam pool cove kits are made to last for years so no need to replace them if the pool liner changed.

Pool Cove Installation

Before you can install your new pool cove kit you must level your pool floor as if ready to install the liner. Make sure the pool wall is clean and dry before installation or the adhesive backing will not stick. You can start installing the cove anywhere around the perimeter of the pool, just make sure you place it at the base of the wall so it's resting on the pool floor. Peel off the protective strip on the backside of the pool cove exposing the adhesive and place into position. Once placed it will not come back off so take your time and get the first one right. Continue place the individual cove pieces end to end until you get back to the starting point. At this time simply use a razor knife or saw to cut the last piece to proper length.

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