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Above Ground Inpool Steps

Inpool steps are basically the inside half of a swimming pool entry system. They are designed for use with pools that are installed semi inground or with pools that have a deck built around them. Clearly when a deck exists or the pool only is out of the ground a couple of feet, there is no room or need for the outside half of the pool ladder. The good news is that if you ever have a need for the outside portion they are available.

Advantages Of Pool Steps 

Pool steps tend to protrude further into the pool further that pool ladders.If you are working with a small above ground pool like a 12' or 15' round pool you may want to give this some consideration. But there are several advantages with going with a pool step. First they usually have higher weight limits that basic pool ladders. Another benifit is that pool steps are much easier to use. Entering or exiting a pool with steps is much safer and sure footed than ladder rungs. And the rate of incline is less steep so entering and exiting is less work. This is great for anyone with physical limitations. Another big benifit of pool steps is the fact you can sit and rest on them. Having a place for kids to play or somewhere to just sit and relax makes the pool step a great choice for most anyone.

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