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Above Ground Pool Liner Coping


Pool liner coping is simply plastic strips or tubes that are place on top of the pool liner to hold it firmly in place on the wall. The coping prevents damage to vinyl from the metal stabilizer bars that pinch down over them. 

It's good practie to examine your coping and other plastic parts like pool skimmers and return jets before ordering a replacement liner. Plastic parts like this can become dry and brittle after about 5 years in direct sunlight. It can appear all is well with liner coping and skimmer until the pool is disassembled and there true status is revealed. Bad coping will crumble inyour hands as you try to re-use it so it’s a good idea to purchase new coping strips and skimmers at the same time you purchase your pool liner to avoid any installation delay. Parts like these are difficult to locate at the local pool stores.


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