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Pool Floor Pads

Above Ground Pool Floor Pads

Armor Shield pool floor pad provides a protective layer between the vinyl swimming pool liner and the ground below. Made from a Polypropylene Geo-textile material, Armor Shield is virtually indestructible and will not rot. These pads are incredibly tough and very difficult to cut, making them perfect protection from sharp objects and other causes of liner damage.

Advantages Of Armor Shield Pool Floor Pad

Pool floor pads are highly recommended for any above ground pool or liner installation. Because they are breathable they will let condensation pass through and won't cause pre-mature rusting of the pool wall like other materials.The rugged nature of Armor Shield willstop sharp rocks, moles, ground hogs, tree rots and other objects from poking a hole in your new pool liner. An additional advantage of Armor Shield over other brands of pool floor pads is the additional pool liner warranty. If you purchase this floor pad when purchasing a new pool liner, Armor Shiels will extend your liner's warranty by 2 additional years, covered at 100%.

Installation Of Armor Shield Pool Floor Pads

Unlike foam bases or other materials, our pool floor padding is one piece and pre-cut to the size and shape of your pool. You must first get the pool floor smoothed out and free from rocks and other obstructions. Once haapy with the final grade of you pool floor it's time to install the Armor Shield. Installation of the pad is very simple and only requires you to remove it from the package and spread it out on the pool floor. Simply center it up in the pool and your ready to install your pool liner directly on top of the floor pad. Fold marks and creases with come out within a day or so after the pool is filled with water.