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18' Round 12-mil Solar Pool Cover

18' Round 12-Mil Solar cover for above ground pools. This solar blanket will increase pool temperatures up to 15°F and extend your swimming season. Solar covers reduce chemical consumption and water loss. A must have when using a pool heater. Backed by a 10 Year warranty. Order cover by pool size.

18' Round 12-Mil Solar Covers are made from a durable polymer material with thousands of sealed air bubbles that help it float on top of the pool water's surface. Each solar cover is cut to size and shape described. Thicker solar blankets last longer and retain heat better.

To use, simply unroll and let it float of the surface of the water bubble side down. Use at night or cool cloudy days to retain heat. When its time to swim, roll up solar cover onto a solar cover reel or set cover aside. Backed by a 10 Year warranty.

The majority of heat loss in a swimming pool is caused by evaporation through the water's surface. With regular use a solar cover can increase water temperature by up to 15°F, while reducing water evaporation up to 90% and chemical use up to 50%. Because of it's insulating properties, a solar cover is a must have for anyone using any type of pool heater.


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Pool Size 18' Round