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Swimming Pool Equipment

Pools Above Ground does not only sell complete and customized swimming pool packages, but we also offer every accessory that you need to keep your pool running. We cater to every size of swimming pool, pool liners, pool filters, pool pumps, pool heaters, salt systems, and everything that you could need.

Above ground swimming pools and inground swimming pools are excellent additions to any home. They do require plenty of routine maintenance, however, and that is why you need the right equipment and testing supplies before you decide on which swimming pool to purchase. These swimming pool equipment and supplies are significant investments to both your home and the swimming pool itself. Aside from buying a swimming pool, above ground or inground, there are also several accessories necessary to keep it functional and clean.

Filters are a crucial part of your swimming pool's system. At Pools Above Ground, we sell several high-quality pool filters that will keep your pool's water safe and clean for your family to use. Cartridge filters are a bit more expensive but are often seen to be the best value for the price. The design is simple and there are few moving parts. It does the best overall job for filtering pool water in comparison and they can clean better per square foot of water in any swimming pool. They last anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

Sand filters are less expensive than other pool filters. From trusted brands such as Pentair and Hayward, the sand swimming pool filters at Pools Above Ground are long-lasting and much more than necessary. Sand filters are the oldest form of water filtration, and these filters are simple and require very little attention. To clean your pool's sand filter, set the control valve to backwash and the filter will rinse dirt and debris from the filter tank out the backwash port. They also require a routine change in the sand.

Above Ground also sells electric heat pumps. The heat pumps are manufactured by Hayward and can heat swimming pools with up to 13,000 gallons. This electric heater is a safe and energy efficient way to make your family's swimming pool comfortable and relaxing. The heat for the pump is taken from the air in the atmosphere, so it eliminates heating costs and reduces energy use.

An accessible alternative filtration system to chlorine and other filters is the swimming pool salt system. We sell Hayward Aqua and Saloxx Saltron saltwater pool systems. While they clean efficiently and require less maintenance and chemicals than a traditional pool filtration system, the salt in these methods can be corrosive to pool equipment and to the liner itself. Make sure that your pool is compatible with a saltwater system and does not void your pool's warranty.

Pools Above Ground is typically able to stock equipment and ship it the same day. If you are looking for something that you cannot see in our catalog, call us, and we will see what we can do to supply your family's swimming pool with what it needs.

We offer a full line of swimming pool equipment for any size and type of swimming pool. We have all major brands of pool filters, pool pumps, pool heaters, salt systems and more. We are adding to our online catalog so if you don't see what you're looking for just ask. We probably stock it and can ship the item the same day.

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