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Above Ground Pool Liner Installation Items

If you are installing a new above ground pool or just getting your old pool back in shape for the upcoming swim season Pools Above Ground has all the pool liner accessories to give your installation that professional look. We make shopping easy by offering our installation items in simple kits based on pool size. 

To help in your search for the perfect products for your job we've added a brief description of each one below. If you have questions about any of our pool products just call our tech support line for assistance.

Above Ground Pool Cove Kits

 Above ground pools needs a cove or berm around the perimeter of the pool to protect the vinyl pool liner from coming into contact with the pool's framework. The corners and edges of the lower track or buttresses could snag the liner and cause a puncture. A pool cove kit makes a perfectly shaped transition from the pool's fllor to the pool wall. The foam pool coves are perfectly shapes and give your pool a professional looking installation. Our pool cove kits are sold by pool size and will have enough cove included to complete your above ground pool.

Above Ground Pool Floor Pads

Highly recommended for any above ground pool installation. Armor Shield pool floor pad provides a protective layer between the vinyl swimming pool liner and the ground below. Made from a Polypropylene Geo-textile material, Armor Shield is virtually indestructible and will not rot. These pads are incredibly tough and very difficult to cut, making them perfect protection from sharp objects and other causes of liner damage. Great insurance for your expensive new above ground pool liner. Also extends the warranty on Swimline GLI swimming pool liners

Above Ground Pool Liner Coping

Pool liner coping is simply plastic strips or sometimes plastic tubes that are place on top of the pool liner to hold it firmly in place on the wall. The coping usually goes directly under the stabilizer bars and prevents the stabilizer bars from damaging the vinyl  pool liner when they pinch down on it. Pool liner coping gets old and brittle over time so replace it if yours is over 5 years old.

Nutgrass Killer

Another highly recommended product for anyone living in the southern U.S. and installing an above ground pool or pool liner. Nutgrass is a very stubborn and hard to kill weed common in the south and capable of growing right through any above ground pool liner. This is the hard to find granular commercial grade nutgrass killer. EPA approved and does not damage pool liners. Use this product to safely stop stubborn nut grass from damaging your above ground pool liner. If you are installing an above ground pool or changing a swimming pool liner, be sure to invest in this product and stop nut-grass cold. Use this nut-grass weed killer with Armor Shield pool floor pad for the ultimate pool floor protection.

Pool Wall Foam Kits

Pool wall foam for above ground pools is simply a roll of closed foam cell padding. It's comes in rolls of various lengths depending on the pool size selected. It measures 1/8" thick by 48" tall and the lengths are 60', 80' and 100' long. It helps to keep pool water warmer by adding a layer of insulation to your pool wall. The foam pad also protects your new swimming pool liner from punctures. This is especially true on older swimming pool walls that may now have a rough texture due to corrosion and rust.

Adding the pool wall foam to a rough textured pool wall will help smooth out the roughness and keep the liner from coming in contact with coarse surface. Often the rusty wall surface can put small punctures in the vinyl material cause leaks and hastening further wall corrosion.

Bead Receiver Kits

Bead receiver or bead track is simply a plastic grooved track that is added to the top of the pool wall of most any above ground pool. The track allows the installation of beaded and unibead pool liners only. These type of above ground pool liners just clip into the bead track making liner installation quick and easy.

This is a excellent addition to any semi-inground pool installation or pool with a deck surrounding it. The advantage to using a bead track in these situations will allow you to replace your pool liner without having to remove deck boards or disassemble the top of the pool. 

Above Ground Pool Skimmers

Pool skimmers are an all to commonly overlooked piece to replace when replacing your above ground pool liner. Because of their plastic construction, skimmer screw holes can become becomes stripped out, brittle and cracked. Bad skimmers and gaskets are the biggest contributor to pool wall rust. If you skimmer is showing it's age, replace it. Our skimmer kits include everything needed to completely replace the skimmer and return jet. Kits include skimmer body, face plate, gasket set, leaf basket, screws, weir door, skimmer lid, vacuum plate, return fitting, and hose connectors.



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