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Swimming Pool Maintenance Supplies

Having a swimming pool at home is an excellent investment for your family. From initial cost to teaching your children safety rules, there are many things to consider along the way when you install either an in-ground or above ground swimming pool in your backyard. One such ongoing consideration is to understand the importance of pool maintenance.

Chemicals are a crucial part of your swimming pool's health and its routine maintenance. There are several chemicals involved in the maintenance of swimming pool. From chlorine to alkalinity, these substances keep your pool water safe and balanced. If you've just bought one of the beautiful and high-quality pools from Pools Above Ground, you may not be sure of which chemicals you will need to have in stock. Pools Above Ground carries small and large season chemical packages. These provide benefits in both function and convenience.

When winter is over, and the sun is finally out, you will need to recharge your pool as well as yourself to get ready for summertime. With the Pool Chemical Start Up Kit, a swimming pool can restore for summertime fun, up to 15,000 gallons, and be safe to use once again. With two one-pound bags of Fast Shock, a pint of Algaecide 50 and a pint of Clarifier. All necessary instructions are included.

Chemical dispensers make using chemicals that much easier. At Pools Above Ground, we carry the Pentair Rainbow 320 Automatic In-Line Chlorine/Bromine Feeder. This high-quality chemical dispenser will serve to make maintenance much more comfortable and less like a chore. It can hold 11 large or 98 small bromine or trichlor tablets. There is no venting required, and it is a completely enclosed system. This chemical dispenser works for swimming pools up to 27,000 gallons.

Pools Above Ground also carries high-quality maintenance kits. There are Econo, Standard, and Deluxe Pool Cleaning kits. Each comes with a skimmer, vacuum brush, thermometer, test kit, and various hoses and vacuum accessories. The standard cleaning kit includes a duo test kit, and the deluxe package consists of a 5-way test kit.

Saltwater and other such filtration systems utilize these chemicals to make sure that your pool has a continuous stream of clean and filtered water. As such, every swimming pool needs a pool filtration system. It helps to circulate water from the pool, through the filter, and back into the pool without any dirt or debris that it may have previously contained. The debris may include sand, gravel, diatomaceous earth, or anthracite. When you can purchase a pump for your swimming pool, keep its size in mind as it will affect the sort of system that you need.

Pools Above Ground carries the Solaxx Saltron saltwater system as well as two high-quality models from Hawyward Aqua. When it comes to installing a saltwater system into your swimming pool, make sure that your pool's liner can handle the corrosive nature of the salt. Check that it does not void your pool's warranty.

At Pools Above Ground, we sell much more than a swimming pool, but everything that you need to maintain it. If you are looking for a chemical dispenser that Pools Above Ground does not yet carry, you may simply call ahead and ask.

Check out our selection of swimming pool maintenance items to keep your pool sparkling clean. We offer swimming pool salt systems, pool cleaning tools, chemical despensers and more.


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