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Pool Chemical Despensers

Every swimming pool needs a healthy dose of chemicals to keep the water balanced and safe to use. Even a saltwater pool system, which has its unique and favorable benefits, uses a minute amount of chemicals in its upkeep. There are various types of chemical dispensers available for swimming pools.

Before swimming season is in full swing, make sure that your chemical dispenser is functioning and that you have the correct chemicals for the job. Pools Above Ground will provide you with all the chemicals that you need to keep your pool water balanced. Balanced pool water is about safety because your pool's pH must be balanced to work at full strength. If it cannot, it can become a breeding ground for debris and germs that will ultimately make the water unsafe.

When pool water is imbalanced, these germs can irritate skin, eyes, and even the lungs if pool water is accidentally swallowed. Still, it is more than comfort, as an imbalanced swimming pool can also be dangerous to your pool's liner. The bacteria in the water can be corrosive to not only the liner but the equipment inside your pool. When you take the time and energy to ensure that your swimming pool has the chemicals that it needs, it is not only for your family's comfort but your entire swimming pool setup. Chemical dispensers, however, make it much easier to keep up with these necessary chemicals.

Chemical dispensers most commonly use chlorine tablets, as they are the safest – and easiest – way to transfer chlorine into your pool's water. These containers are also known as automatic chlorinators, which allow for your pool to receive a constant stream of the chemicals that it needs. They are preferable to using tablets in your pool's skimmer, which can be messy and problematic.

At Pools Above Ground, we carry the Pentair Rainbow 320 Automatic In-Line Chlorine/Bromine Feeder. This high-quality chemical dispenser will serve to make maintenance much easier and less like a chore. It can hold 11 sizeable small bromine or trichlor tablets, or 98 small tablets. There is no venting required, and it is a completely enclosed system. This chemical dispenser works for swimming pools up to 27,000 gallons. You will only need a 4-inch pipe to install onto your swimming pool.

Rainbow model filters offer a simpler model. This chemical dispenser has a more efficient lid assembly, as such has fewer o-ring lid problems than other brands. There are no special tools necessary to open the lid. The hoses are more durable than different models, and it has a thicker base plate. If you have a hard time twisting the lid off due to sticky chemicals, the Pentair Rainbow can stand up to the use of elbow grease.

If there is a chemical dispenser that you are thinking about but don't see, feel free to call us. At Pools Above Ground, we always strive to meet each customers' needs. There is no reason to sacrifice quality when it comes to building the backyard pool experience that your family deserves.

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