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Pools Above Ground is an Orlando Florida based pool supply store specializing in above ground pool sales.

We are the accomplished leader in above ground pool and pool installations knowledge. Our unparalleled record and hands on experience speak for themselves. Thousands of swimming pool sold and thousands of pools installed by Pools Above Ground makes us the go to place for all your swimming pool needs. There are few pool dealers that can match the experience we have amassed since getting our start way back in 1987.


Pools Above Ground began nearly 30 years ago as an above ground pool installation company.

Our geographic location makes this one of very few places in the U.S. that above ground pools are installed year-round. The balmy Florida climate allows us to install hundreds of above ground pools each year. This vast number of installs is made possible by having installation contracts with some of the largest pool retail chains in the country. With dealers offering many different pool brands we quickly became familiar with every make and model available.

Pool models from Aqua- Bois, Asahi, Cornelius, Del-Air Group, Doughboy, Ester Williams, Hoffinger, Johnny Weissmuller, Sharkline, Swim 'n Play, Wilbar Group and others were what we commonly installed. In the span of a few decades we had installed nearly 8 thousand above ground pools in total. Our experience also includes countless liner changes and repairs. That adds up to a whole lot of accumulated above ground pool knowledge!

15 years ago we realized it was
time for a change.

We were spending so much time referring our install customers to pool dealers that we decided to sell our own pools. We began by offering high quality pool kits to our local Central Florida pool customers. From there things began expanding and we started selling pool products online through our website. Today we sell above ground pools and pool supplies all over the U.S. and beyond.


One of the keys to our success has been our connection to our customers.

They know at Pools Above Ground real human assistance is just a phone call away. Nothing beats asking a real pool installer questions when installing your own pool. There are things that come up that aren't found in any manual or video.

It's this real world know-how that sets us apart from the crowd.

Above ground pools are certainly our specialty, however Pools Above Ground is more than just an above ground pool store. We also offer a comprehensive product line of chemicals, covers, filters, heaters, pool accessories, toys and more. And our highly experienced staff of pool pros are always here to help with fast courteous service.

Welcome to Pools Above Ground and thanks for taking the time to read our history.