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21' Round Peel & Stick Pool Cove Kit

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Every traditional above ground pool needs a cove to protect the liner from the base framework of the pool as well as help prevent excessive stretching of the pool liner. And this pre-formed pool cove kit for 15' Round pools makes a uniform and professional finish to your above ground pool project.

These preformed flexible wedge shaped foam pieces measure 4"H x 3"W x 48"L and are made from chemically neutral closed cell Ethafoam. They're placed around the entire inside perimeter of the pool at the base of the wall, and held in place by a tacky adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered by a clear, releasable film that is peeled away when the cove is being installed. The adhesive backing attaches the cove section to the pool wall and holds it firmly in place. 21' Round Pool Cove Kit includes 17 sections of Peel & Stick pool cove and is enough to do an entire pool.

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