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Hayward Standard Above Ground Return Jet

This is a complete return jet for typical above ground pools with the 2" return inlet opening. Comes complete with return body, tightening nut and gasket set. Color is white.

Hayward's standard pool skimmer is a great piece to replace when changing your pool liner. Skimmer screw holes become stripped out over time and area around the screws often becomes brittle and cracks. Don't start off your fresh liner change with a decrepit leaky skimmer box. Do it the right way and it will last for years. This kit includes everything needed to completely replace the skimmer and return jet. Very nice kit. Includes skimmer body, face plate, gasket set, leaf basket, screws, weir door, skimmer lid, vacuum plate, return fitting, and hose connectors.

It's good practice to check other plastic pieces like liner copings and bead receivers for signs of cracking or damage. They often look fine until they are removed from the pool. Old plastic parts tend to crumble or crack once the pool is disassembled.

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