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Hayward Widemouth Above Ground Skimmer Gasket

This is Hayward's widemouth above ground swimming pool skimmer gasket. This item replaces a variety of other brands with the widemouth 18 hole square opening gaskets. This widemouth skimmer gasket is actually two gaskets in one. They are connected in the middle to prevent metal pool wall corrosion. One gasket is all that is required to attach the skimmer to the wall.

Hayward butterfly gasket for the widemouth skimmer. This gasket works on most any widemouth Hayward or similar above ground pool skimmers. This gasket is actual two gaskets in one. It is both an inside the wall gasket and an outside the pool wall gasket joined together in the middle. This gasket prevents metal pool wall corrosion by keeping the water off of the metal edge.

Installation Tip - When installing a new liner or gasket set, check the pool wall at or near the return fitting for rust. A quick scuff and some spray paint over any bare metal inside and out will stop further corrosion. It's also good practice to check other plastic or rubber pieces like liner copings, skimmer gaskets and bead receivers for signs of cracking or damage. They often look fine until they are removed from the pool. Old plastic parts tend to crumble or crack once the pool is disassembled.

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