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24' Round 52" Liberty Unibead 25 ga.

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Blue and brown mosaic tile graphics in a crossing pattern printed on the upper portion of the wall and swirl print on the lower wall and floor. Swimline 24' Round Liberty Unibead 52" Universal Bead vinyl liner. This heavy gauge Uni-Bead will fit overlap, j-hook or bead receivers keeping decorative tile lines or waterline graphics straight and uniform. If you are unsure of your liner type, this is the one to get. Fits most any pool type and made from 100% virgin vinyl. Protected from ultraviolet fading and chemical degradation. Best cold crack resistance in the industry. 25 year warranty.

Pool Liner Installation Tips - Below we have included 3 simple steps to a successful pool liner replacement. Following these simple procedures will make changing your pool liner easier, prevent corrosion, stop leaks and add years of enjoyment to your swimming pool investment. If you have any questions about installing your new liner or have questions about the products listed, please see Documents or Related Products. And as always, you can call our tech support line for live human customer assistance.

1.) Examine The Pool Wall - Take a close look at the entire pool wall top to bottom. Now is the time to fix any underlying issues that may be lurking. Scrap off flaky rust, scale or anything that could potentially puncture your new liner. Once the pool wall is cleaned up, a quick coat of similar colored spray paint over any bare metal spots will ensure further corrosion is halted. If your pool wall has a rough textured surface due to rust or corrosion, follow up with Pool Wall Foam and Wall Foam Adhesive. These products will smooth out the wall texture and prevent any damage to your new liner investment. It is also good practice to re-tape over the bolt heads on the pool wall seam. Remove any old material and put down a new layer or two of duct tape over the heads. This should remove any sharp corners smooth things out nicely.

2.) Address The Pool Floor - Once attention to the pool wall has been completed, improvements to the pool floor can be made. Take the time to make the pool floor smooth and level by picking out rocks, roots and other obstructions before filling in ruts and low spots. Be sure you have an adequate pool cove of at least 4" up and 4" out from the pool wall. This cove should run continuously around the entire pool floor perimeter. Apply nutgrass killer to the ground if needed and put down Armor Shield pool floor pad if you have one. Armor Shield is an incredibly strong one piece pre-cut pool floor pad that protects your pool liner from damage caused by sharp objects, insects and rodents. We highly recommend Armor Shield as a base for all above ground pool liners and it's a must for those built directly on concrete.

3.) Replace Old Plastic - Leaky skimmers and return jets are the most common cause of premature pool wall failure or rust out. This is often caused by bad gaskets, cracked face-plates or stripped out skimmer screws. Plastic pieces like coping strips, skimmer boxes and face-plates become dry and brittle from years of exposure to the sun. Once removed from the pool, they often cannot be re-used. We recommend always changing these plastic parts if possible as they are inexpensive and great piece of mind. But if on a budget, they may be re-used if in good shape. Examine them closely and replace the skimmer box or skimmer face-plate if any screw holes are stripped out or if there is excessive cracking around the screw holes of the skimmer or skimmer face-plate. Check that the pool skimmer and return jet gaskets are in good condition, still soft and pliable. And always replace old or cracked liner coping strips or bead track sections to ensure the pool liner is held firmly on the wall. Remember to examine the plastic parts before ordering. Don't get stopped halfway through your liner change because you need these items.

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You're reviewing:24' Round 52" Liberty Unibead 25 ga.
More Information
Pool Size 24' Round
Liner Type Uni-Bead
Pool Wall Height 52" Wall Height
Liner Thickness 25ga.
Brand Swimline
Warranty 25 Year