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Deltona and Above Ground Pools

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Deltona and Above Ground Pools

I wrote this blog to give Deltona home owners some professional guidance when it comes to selecting an above ground pool this swim season. I know it's very early in the year and only the first week of February but we are selling pools like it's Spring time already. You'd think that the coldest week of the winter would slow things down but it's not because a lot of what's happening is all based around that nasty COVID-19.

Starting last year the virus put most suppliers of above ground pools and pool supplies in a bad position and they simply couldn't build their typical amount of pool products. This led to the early sellouts as I mentioned. What does this have to do with Deltona or Daytona pool buyers you ask? Simple, the number one best thing I can tell you is to buy your pool right now and not to wait. The quantity of available pools this year is far less than last year's supply and most dealers will be completely out of them by April. That means there will be no pools available before pool season even begins.

I chose to write this blog mainly focused on Volusia County but more specifically Deltona up to Daytona. We sell a lot of pools in this area and we get a ton of calls from there. The good news is if you live in the area we can help you even more. If you are interested in a pool and need help determining what pool is best for your application just contact us. We can come out and take a look at your yard and provide professional advice and top notch installation.

Just to be clear, I mean if you live in close proximity of Deltona like Deland, Orange City, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Sanford we can come take a peek at your yard. This is something we can do in the slower months to help out. But when when things heat up it and we're busy it just becomes to hard to do. At that point pictures of your yard and phone call or email may be all we have time for.

Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools

Over the years I have worked throughout Deltona and I can say there are a lot of areas where the ground is high and dry, and some areas that are very wet, especially in the rainy summer months. Because of sandy salty soils and being in close proximity to the ocean, there is really only a few pool I recommend.

Of course we sell the above ground pools models I'm going to recommend but we've also selected the models in particular to offer. We do have a pool for every budget but he toughest of the bunch will be the resin models as they resist corrosion the best. All of our resin pools are warrantied for a salt system too. The resin pools have solid resin top ledges and frame rails made from polymers so they cannot rust even in the worst conditions. In a nutshell, saltwater swimming pools are just better pools and you should consider one even if you don’t plan to use a salt system. The upgraded materials used in their construction will cost more, but the pay off is a pool that will look good longer and last many more years.

We also have a couple basic all steel pool models if the price of the saltwater models is more than you wanted to spend. These models are very tough and will give you typically 15 years or more of service. They may not be warrantied for saltwater but the built thick and strong so holding up to a houseful of rowdy teens is no problem.

Aside from that I wanted to touch a little on salt systems themselves. Be prepared to spend a little money here, salwater systems aren't cheap to buy if you want something that's going to work. The more you spend the more sanitizer they can make and less work you're going to have to do each week. More expensive models will provide you with detailed information about your pool water as well as allow you to make adjustment with it's output. You'll spend more money for the unit itself but it will pay off nicely with reduced pool maintenance times and lower monthly chemical expenses. I don't think I've ever met someone who had a salt system on their pool and didn't like it.

Best Above Ground Pool

If you only want to do this once and few hundred dollars more isn't going to blow your budget, get the semi-inground saltwater warrantied Caspian from Pools Above Ground. This is an all resin pool with the stainless steel wall panel for the skimmer area. The Caspian pool will do the best in this climate, it looks awesome and will outlast all others. I say this model in particular because I know it works well and is our biggest seller by far. You can run it on chlorine, saltwater or any other pool water sanitizer you wish.

If you have any additional questions or need someone to take a look at your situation just give us a call at (866) 534-9725.

February 2, 2021