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Doughboy Pools @ Pools Above Ground

Doughboy Pools Deep Pool Models
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Doughboy Pools @ Pools Above Ground

Doughboy Deep End Pools

Doughboy Pools

Doughboy pools are synonymous with American quality. If you were a kid in the 1970's, you likely remember the Doughboy pool. It was one of the first makes on the above ground pool market, and still going strong today. In a landscape filled with imported sub-par products, above ground pool owners still have high quality pools still available to them. Hoffinger Industries, who purchased Doughboy Recreational in 1974, is the only pool manufacturer in the world to make all their own products from raw materials.

Deep Swimming Pools

Enough with the boring details and history. What most people want to know is: "Where do I get a deep above ground pool?"  Above ground pools with deep ends or deep middles are nothing new. We have installed hundreds of deep above ground pools over the years, most of which round pools. Round above ground pools have no framework that crosses the center of the pool like typical oval above ground pools. The framework that crosses the oval pools cannot simply be left out during installation. The framework as it is structurally important and helps the pool keep it's oval shape.

Doughboy Pool With Deep End

This is where Hoffinger or Doughboy has created separation from other above ground pool makers. Deep above ground pools or oval above ground pools with deep ends are their key feature that draws a lot of attention. The ability to have a money saving above ground pool with a seven or eight foot deep end is a very attractive proposition to many above ground pool customers.

Doughboy Pool Liners

Of course this ability requires a special designed frame and pool liner. And Doughboy has been making oval above ground pools this way for decades. The pool liner is incredibly thick and designed to give a wrinkle free finish to pools with up to three extra feet of water depth. Doughboy pool liners are extremely durable and often last 20 years! This is three times as long as other common above ground pool liners.

Pools Above Ground And Hoffinger Industries

Pools Above Ground now offer oval shaped deep above ground pools in a wide variety of sizes. There are several high end model to choose from, all with resin top ledges and heavy gauge expandable pool liners. These new pool kits are available as just pool and liner or as complete pool packages that include pump, filter, ladder systems and more.Check out our line of Hoffinger above ground pools are simply call for details. Thanks for reading.


Doughboy Deep End Pools

ne of Hoffinger above ground pools are simply call for details. Thanks for reading. [caption id="attachment_89099" align="aligncenter" width="1100"]

January 11, 2015