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Expandable Pool Liners For Above Ground Swimming Pools

Expandable Overlap Pool Liners For Above Ground Pools
By Pools Above Ground
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Expandable Pool Liners For Above Ground Swimming Pools

Expandable Pool Liners

Expandable liners for above ground pools are designed to conform to different shaped pool bottoms and different depths. Expandable liners can be used in both round and oval pools and typically they can add up to an additional 2 feet of water depth. Expandable pool liners do come with different liner prints and thickness of materials, all can be seen by clicking here.

Expandable Liners And Round Above Ground Pools

Most all round above ground pools can have a deep center or deep end. This is achieved by simply dishing out the earth to create a deeper swimming area. This is best done in the center on round pools, although many have dished out one end of the pool for the deep end. When creating a deep center or deep end in a round above ground pool, start by coming inward from the pool wall about 3 feet before starting to slope down towards the center. This flat area around the edge will serve to give bathers a place to stand and walk comfortably.

Expandable Liners And Oval Above Ground Pools

Oval shaped pools are a different animal all together and do not lend themselves to deep swimming areas easily. Most all oval shaped above ground pools have metal framework that crosses the pool side to side. The metal components get in the way of making any real deeper swimming area and these parts cannot be simply left out during pool construction. Doing so will severely damage your pool and void your warranty. The best way to obtain a true deep end in your oval shaped above ground pool is to start with one designed for this purpose. Our new line of deep end oval above ground pools allow for a water depth of a whopping 7 feet. Don't be fooled by pool dealers offering expandable pool options for typical oval above ground pools. You will be sorely disappointing with the end result! TIP: Ask your pool dealer if their oval pool model comes with buttress straps. These straps are the interference that prevents the deep end from being possible. However, there are dealers and installers that will modify your pool for the deep end upgrade, but this may come at a price. Pool manufacturers will not warranty any pool that has been modified from it's original design. The solution is to purchase our deep end pool model for nearly the same price as our flat bottom oval pools and retain full factory warranty. These pools are also warrantied for in ground installation too. Visit our pools page here or visit the manufacturer's website for detail at Doughboy Pools.

May 5, 2014