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Gorilla Pad - NOT BEST Pool Liner Padding? Why?

Gorilla Pool Pad
By ray
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Gorilla Pad - NOT BEST Pool Liner Padding? Why?

Above Ground Pool Floor Padding Gorilla Pad 

Gorilla Pad Pool Floor Padding

When purchasing a new pool or replacing an old pool liner, putting something down on the pool bottom to protect the liner is a common quest. Most people wish to protect their investment and improve the quality of their pool. This is where pool floor padding and protection comes into play. We have touched on this subject many times in the past, but the questions keep coming. So I will explain what is best to put under a swimming pool liner during installation and why. Gorilla Pad may not be the best answer for many.

Gorilla Pad - NOT BEST Pool Liner Padding? Skip to the bottom to see the answer and why.

Pool Liner Protection

Protecting your new pool liner from damage is the biggest benefit Gorilla Pad or other types of pool liner flooring can offers. Bugs, beetles and other creatures like moles or groundhogs can wreak havoc under a swimming pool. It is an attractive hangout because it is moist under there and it attracts plants roots and bugs. This is not always an issue, but can be if you live in the right environment. Not to worry, there are things you can do to prevent this from becoming an issue in your backyard.

What is Gorilla Pad?

Gorilla Pad is a geo-textile material. In simplest terms it is extremely tough and looks much like a wool blanket. It's not thick and does little as padding, but stops moles and critters with ease. It's strong suit is that it is so tough, moles and critters cannot chew through it. This prevents them from chewing a hole in your pool liner and causing a leak. Secondly, Gorilla Pad is breathable and allows built up condensation to escape the pool and absorb into the ground below, this is incredibly important. Without being breathable, your pool would rust out in very short order. The pool needs to be able to dry out on a regular basis, and products that water cannot pass through trap that moisture against the pool walls. This product is so much better than Styrofoam, plastic sheeting, roofing paper, Happy Bottom or Perfect Bottom etc. These all contribute to premature corrosion and should be avoided!

What Is The Best Pool Pad For Under A Liner?

With all the nice things I have said about Gorilla Pad you might wonder what could be better? Well there is only one product that I feel is a better investment than Gorilla Pad and it is Armor Shield. Armor Shield is nearly identical to Gorilla Pad in every way, including cost. So what makes Armor Shield better you ask? WARRANTY Armor Shield is made by GLI or Swimline. And they are also the largest maker of swimming pool liners and likely the source of your new liner. When someone purchases a new liner and Armor Shield together, GLI Swimline extends the 100% coverage of the pool liner by several years. This is something that Gorilla Pad cannot do! This is fantastic news if you need a new pool liner and pool floor protection. Extending the warranty coverage on the pool liner is great incentive to purchase the Armor Shield over the Gorilla Pad. The extended warranty could save you hundreds of dollars if something should ever happen to your pool liner.

Armor Shield > Gorilla Pad

I hope this sheds some light on your quest for pool liner protection. We do offer both Gorilla Pad and Armor Shield in many sizes. Both are excellent investments and are great piece of mind. I would put either one under my pool without hesitation. But if you are in need of a pool liner too, I think the Armor Shield would be a better choice.


Gorilla Pad Pool Floor Padding 

January 23, 2015