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How To Heat Above Ground Pool Fast?

By Pools Above Ground
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How To Heat Above Ground Pool Fast?

What’s one of the least desirable things you want in your above ground pool? While this can be somewhat of an open-ended question, there is a situation that comes to mind. Yes, we want our pools to be refreshing, but we don’t want to be shocked by fridged water as we get in. Ice cold water is not enjoyable for most people unless you are part of the polar bear club. If you are trying to avoid that unfortunate moment of feeling like you are freezing to death, when you just wanted a refreshing dip in the pool, heating options are available. The good news for pool owners, it is entirely possible to get warm water in your above ground unit. What’s even better is that there are a few methods of achieving this goal, perfect for virtually any price point.  

Methods Of Heating An Above Ground Pool

No matter what type of above ground pool you have, there is a method for getting warmer, more desirable temperatures. However, you should consider that the following options all have different prices, and some require more installation than others. Take a look at the most common methods to heat an above ground pool and what you can expect from installation.  

Solar Blankets

Are you looking for the easiest method for increasing water temperatures? A solar blanket is the most economical choice. There isn’t much you need to do with this method other than remember to put it on top of the pool. The cover will absorb the sun’s rays during the day and necessarily heat the pool water throughout the day. You can expect mild results from this product, but if you are planning extreme changes, you’ll want to look at other options. Solar blankets come in a variety of colors and materials, some working better than others, but the concept is virtually the same. When wanting to have a warmer pool, you’ll simply slip the cover on top of the water, and you’re done.  

Heat Pumps

Far and away, the best product to achieve the perfect water temps is by installing a heat pump. Typical heat pumps are sold based on their BTU. The more BTU’s they put out, the more effective the unit is and can heat larger pools. For example, the Hayward’s 45,000 BTU heat pump is designed for above ground pools up to 13,000 gallons. Many heat pumps will come with a programmable timer, allowing you to set it for the time you want it to start. Many homeowners will choose to have the heat pump come on an hour before getting into the pool and do this daily. Heat pumps are generally easy to install while offering years of trouble-free operation.  

Solar Heat Pump

During the day, a solar heat pump will charge, it will then turn on at night, as the temperatures drop. For those that are looking for something highly useful at heating the pool’s water, while limiting the amount of work, fuss, and energy expenses, this can be an excellent solution. However, a solar heat pump is usually the most expensive option for heating an above ground pool too.  

Why You Should Invest In A Pool Heating System

While having a refreshing dip in the pool can seem like an excellent idea when it’s 100+ degrees out, it isn’t so amazing to be freezing water when you want to relax. With the available options for heating pool water, it is an excellent choice to allow you the freedom to swim whenever you want at more ideal temperatures. Extending your swimming season and time is perhaps the best benefit of purchasing a new above ground pool heating system. If you are looking for a quality pool heating system, whether you choose a pump or solar blanket, Pools Above Ground has terrific items available in stock now. Check out pool heaters today.

December 18, 2019