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How To Measure For An Above Ground Pool Liner

How To Measure For An Above Ground Pool Liner
By Pools Above Ground
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How To Measure For An Above Ground Pool Liner

Pool season comes around every Spring and many of us dread and delay changing that old leaky faded swimming pool liner. Unfortunately they don't last forever and changing the liner in your above ground pool is something that most of us will have to do at some point. We are faced with the realization we can't limp it along another season, so the plan is to get it changed at the first hint of warm weather. For many of you the time to start planning this project is drawing near. While liner changes are certainly nothing to look forward to, they are nothing to fear either. The task of pool liner replacement usually only requires minimal tools, possibly a couple of liner accessories and a few hours of your time. With a little forethought you will be able to achieve stellar results in as little as half a day. But before you go ripping that pool apart, let's make sure you get the correct liner for your pool.

Pool Size

First things first, measure your pool for size verification. I know this may sound ridiculous to many, but I can't tell you how many times people order the wrong liner because they forgot what size pool they actually have. Maybe they lost the paperwork, the pool was there when they moved in or they were given bad information. Either way, it never hurts to simply take a minute and double check the size of the pool. Round swimming pools are measured directly across the middle of the pool from the water's edge to water's edge. I would measure from a couple of different points to be sure, as a sloppy pool installation could have your pool egg shaped. Remember that the number you get when measuring across the middle of the pool may be a little under or over the size liner you will need to order. Example: A round above ground pool with the diameter of 24'2" or a pool measuring 23'11" will both require a 24' round pool liner. Oval shaped pools are measured the same way but require two measurements. This is easily done by measuring straight across the pool for the width and right down the center of the pool for the length. Example: 12x24, 15x30, 18x33

Pool Wall Height

Aside from the length and width measurements, you may sometimes need to know the height of your pool wall. This is required when ordering a beaded pool liner, unibead pool liner or J Hook. This is because they are attached or clip onto the top of the pool wall and have no means of adjustment. This is no big deal, we simply need to know the pool wall height before ordering the liner. To measure for wall height simply measure from the bottom of the pool frame and all up to the top of the wall just under the top ledge or top rail. There is often a piece of frame or stabilizer there too, just like the bottom of the wall. Include this in your measurement. Pool walls come in three typical heights and your measurement should be close to 48", 52" or 54".

Overlap, Beaded, Unibead, J Hook, Expandable???

I know that some of you are wondering about the different styles or types of liners that are available. There are several to choose from but that is another article. However, I have added a link to the page that will explain the differences between them. Just click here and scroll down to read through it or call our tech line for help.

Ready To Order

Lets say that your above ground pool is 27 foot round by 52 inches tall and you needed to order a beaded liner for it, you would order a 27x52" liner it's that simple. If you have a pool with the middle dug out deeper and the additional depth exceeds 1 foot, you may need to order an expandable pool liner. If you are unsure of what you have or need help ordering a new pool liner just call our tech or customer service department for assistance. (866) 534-9725.

January 23, 2014