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How Much Do Above Ground Pools Cost

By Pools Above Ground
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How Much Do Above Ground Pools Cost

What’s on your Christmas list? While it might not be as warm out, many homeowners would love to add a pool to their home this year. There are several great reasons to take advantage of having a pool in your very own backyard. From getting to take a dip any time you’d like to be the hub of the neighborhood for parties, adding an above ground pool to your home can be a fantastic investment. One of the most asked questions by homeowners when considering a new pool addition is the cost. However, it isn’t as simple as saying, a new cheap above ground pool is $300 from your local store. There is more that goes into having a quality pool installation, especially if you intend for it to last more than one season. Breaking down the cost of having a new pool, you will need to figure which model pool you want to purchase, whether it is saltwater or freshwater, if you wish to have items like a pool heater. You will also need to determine the frame or pool type, whether it be resin, metal, or wood. While you could buy pieces such as the liner, frame, and filter individually, it is far simpler to buy as a kit. Pools Above Ground has many packages available that are cost-saving overall that take the guesswork out of knowing what you need to purchase to get your pool up and moving. The average US cost of an above ground pool kit and installation is $2500-$7500. However, you can get fantastic pool kits from Pools Above Ground for well under $2500, such as their 12’ round with sand filter for under 2K. The costs do factor in certain must-have items, including your pool filter and quality liner. If possible, you should always upgrade the liner to the best on the market. This is one of the biggest hassles to replace, and the most expensive. You can prolong having to replace the liner if you just buy one that is exceptionally durable, made of virgin vinyl, and is thicker gauge material.  

Costs After Initial Purchase

Once you purchase the above ground pool kit, you’ll need to make another decision, whether to DIY the install or have professional help. While DIY is free, most homeowners choose to have a professional pool company to install their new pool. The reason being, is you get better-looking results, and less worry you did something wrong. The only real downside with having a professional pool company put up your pool is the price tag. On average, you can expect to pay up to 3K for a quality install. This puts the total cost of having professional-grade above ground pool at just over 5K, all-in. The cost of installation will significantly depend on the type of pool kit you purchase. Most pool installation companies will charge more money for resin-based pools, versus those made of primarily metal. After installation, you can expect to have yearly costs associated with upkeep. These very seldom reach over $500, depending on how well you care for the pool and manage the filter. There are a few features that might not come in a pre-arranged kit, such as lighting or pool heaters. As an additional expense, these items can increase the ability to use your pool year long and at any hour of the day.  

What About Big Box Store Pools

If you’ve ever been to Wal-Mart, you’ve likely seen above ground pools for sale, especially around summertime. While these might have an excellent price tag, a word of caution needs to be said. You do get what you pay for with these cheaper units. Most pool owners that unfortunately buys these options quickly learn they don’t last very long. The liners are not of high quality, and the pool construction is really only built for one or two summers before needing to replace the whole thing. If you intend on having a pool that will last many seasons, and a liner you won’t have to replace after season one, higher grade pools by more reputable companies are the best solution. Skip the cheap knock-offs and get a quality above ground pool kit you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

November 20, 2019