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On the Market: Types of Swimming Pool Liners

By Pools Above Ground
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On the Market: Types of Swimming Pool Liners

Investing in a swimming pool for your home is an excellent addition to your home. It not only adds to your family's summer plans, but it can also add value to your home. While there are necessary maintenance and several vital products required for the care of a swimming pool, one of the most critical is going to be a high-quality swimming pool liner. Especially for above ground swimming pools, there are several types of swimming pool liners available.

Swimming Pool Liners

There are four primary types of above ground pool liners. These include overlap pool liners, uni-bead pool liners, expandable pool liners, and beaded pool liners. Make sure that you understand the type of pool that you have, and your individual needs. As there are four types, know the advantages of each to make the most educated choice.

Overlap pool liners are simple to install, as they go up the inside of the pool and hangover on the outside of the pool. These do often leave excess vinyl visible from the outside of the pool, but they are the most affordable and do vary in thickness by your needs. They fit 48", 52", and 54" above ground swimming pools, so the overlap pool liners are an extremely versatile option for pool owners.

Like overlap pool liners, uni-bead pool liners are easy to install and work with most above ground pools. They are simple to attach to your pool by hooking onto the top of the pool wall, and, if used with a bead track, uni-bead pool liner hooks can be snapped into the lane or receiver. It is a particularly stylish pool liner option as well. Also working with a beaded track or received, beaded pool liners simply snap into this track. While the uni-bead liner is often preferable, it is a stylish replacement that can be on the same track. As well, beaded pool liners are only for use on an above ground pool – another advantage of this type of pool liner.

Expandable pool liners are an excellent option for those with exceptionally tall swimming pools. They are ideal for accommodating deeper swimming pool areas and conform to any unique shape above the ground swimming pool. Expandable pool liners allow for up to 3 feet of additional water depth, and the average above ground swimming pool can get up to 7 feet deep. If you have or intend to have a deep-end pool, the expandable pool liner is the best choice for you. Speak to a professional if you still aren't sure about which type of above ground swimming pool liner is appropriate for your pool.

December 30, 2017