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What Is Pool Cove? Do I Need It? Pools Above Ground

Pool Cove
By ray
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What Is Pool Cove? Do I Need It? Pools Above Ground

What Is Pool Cove?

  The primary purpose of above ground pool cove is to keep the vinyl pool liner away from the pool's framework. This framework has corners and edges that could come in contact with the vinyl liner and ultimately cause damage. The pool cove prevents any damage from occurring to the liner by simply covering the metal frame pieces and acting as a buffer between the two. Aside from the protection, the pool cove also relieves undue stress on the pool liner seams. This is done by reducing the stretch in that area.

Do I need pool cove for my above ground pool?

Yes, every above ground pool needs pool cove. Pool cove is simply a berm or wedge that transitions the pool floor to the pool wall. It does serve more than one purpose, but it is something that you definitely what to have. Pool cove is placed or build around the entire inside of the swimming pool floor, up against the pool wall. Pool cove typically sticks out from the wall about 4"-6" and goes up the wall about the same. All above ground pools require the addition of a pool cove. The cove can be made of sand or earth in many cases, but luckily there is pre-formed or pre-made swimming pool cove available to make this a quick and easy job. This foam pool cove is placed against the pool wall and the floor of the pool on the inside. There is a sticky back strip of tape that will ensure it stays put. Pieces of pool cove are about 4' long and are placed end to end around the pool inside perimeter until the meet. Any excess is easily cut off with a knife or razor blade and discarded.  

Above Ground Pool Installation And Pool Cove

Another nice benefit of using foam swimming pool cove is the tidy uniform appearance. The pre-formed nature the this product makes for a very neat and professional look that most of us amateur installers cannot achieve without using it. Aside from aesthetics, foam swimming pool cove will not wash away over time and does not require the additional sand needed when forming a natural based cove. Swimming pool cove kits are easily obtained and come in prepackaged quantities grouped according to the size of your swimming pool.

Pool Cove And Concrete Slabs

Above ground pools installed on concrete must use a foam pool cove as using dirt or sand will not work. It does not take long for the sand or earth cove to wash away. Rain storms and time will erode the pool cove away leaving bare concrete under your above ground pool. Be sure above ground pools on concrete use both a foam pool cove and pool floor pad like Armor Shield. This combo of pool floor padding and pool cove will prevent any damage to your pool investment. I have included a link to the Best Pool Floor Padding blog. This is helpful explaining the proper uses of materials used under above ground pool liners. Thanks for reading! 

January 9, 2015