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Pool Slides And Above Ground Pool Slides

Swimming Pool Slide In Backyard
By Pools Above Ground
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Pool Slides And Above Ground Pool Slides

As you probably know, pool slides are a very popular addition to any backyard swimming pool. Who doesn't like the the added thrill of sliding into the pool down a wild and twisting pool slide? In fact it seems that they are gaining in popularity each year. We get a lot of inquiries about pool slides, but one of the most frequent questions is whether they make pool slides for above ground pools.

Slide Design And The Modern Pool

Pool slides are nothing new, they have been around for many decades. But due to current designs in swimming pools, the pool slide has changed. Newly built swimming pools are typically not as deep older swimming pools. The shallower nature of the pool required pool slides to discharge a person out over the water's surface, opposed to sending you down into the pool. By sending out over the water, the risk of serious injury is reduced.

Other changes or options to pool slides are the angle of the flume and the overall height. Shorter slides with more gradual angles reduce the speed at which children or adults enter the water. Much like the discharge angle, these factors will reduce the likelihood of injury in shallow pools. Current models of pool slides often include many features like water hook ups to make the slide slippery and cool to the touch. Other features include deck flanges that allow the slide to be attached to different types of hard surfaces. And building materials that are virtually indestructible. These new slides are impervious to sun, rain and UV light. These modern advancements have given us great pool slides that will last for decades.

Slides On Above Ground Pools

Not only do these changes make slides safer for most users, you tend to see them on above ground pools more frequently. This is because slide makers have reduced the required minimum water depth. There are many models now on the market that only need a minimum of 4 feet of water for safe use. They have also reduced the amount of installed deck space required to mount the pool slide. This means having a slide for your above ground pool or inground pool is easier and more common than ever. Just be sure to select carefully based on size and depth of your pool, look closely at the maker's recommendations to ensure safe operation and always supervise children. Following those steps will ensure years of swimming pool fun.

February 23, 2014