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Semi-InGround Above Ground Pools

Semi-InGround Above Ground Pools
By Pools Above Ground
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Semi-InGround Above Ground Pools

One of the most common questions people ask is "Are your pools semi-inground pools?". The short answer is "yes". Installing an above ground pool partially in the ground is quite common and I have done it so many times right here in Central Florida. I've done so many times I've lost count but hundreds in Deltona and Daytona areas alone. This has become so popular that it seems nearly half of the pools we sell end up partially buried these days. Back when I first started doing this for customers it was about one out of every ten pools I installed. As you can see, the move to a more inground pool like look and experience is becoming the new normal.

Partially Buried Pools, What Is That Exactly?

The term semi inground pool or partially buried pool can mean different things to different people. Areas like Deltona or Howey-In-The-Hills or other towns where the region is rolling hills or sloped backyards, semi inground often means the pool is in the ground on one side with the other side completely above ground. If you are in flatter areas like Daytona Beach then semi inground likely means the entire above ground pool is half buried.

Although these may seem like two different things all together they are actually the same. All above ground pools need to be on level ground to be safe and last for years to come.

Why Build My Pool Semi InGround?

For pools being installed in a sloped yard there is little choice as the pool must be level just like a house. But for most everyone it's for other reasons. For many it's an affordable option for the very pricey inground pool. The ability to make the above ground pool closely resemble the ground for one tenth the cost definitely appeals to everyone. Although saving money is always a plus, there are other reasons to go with a semi inground pool installation.

Visibility is another important advantage of this type of install. Keeping an eye on the kids while they're swimming is much easier when you can see their heads and you don't need to be on top of a big expensive deck to see down into the water. Whether you are inside the house looking out or relaxing on the deck near the pool, the semi inground installation will be a big improvement.

Another reason for sinking the pool is that it’s much easier to enter and exit the water. People with physical limitations find not having to climb up a ladder is much easier on them. The stability of being on the ground and only having to step down into the pool is comforting and safer.

Here's one more reason that everyone is in agreement on. All of us above ground pool owners spend time each week cleaning and maintaining our swimming pools. Think of how much easier it would be clean when the water is below you. Brushing the walls and vacuuming the pool floor becomes much easier on your shoulders and arms and the ability to see what you are doing is greatly improved.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are compelling reasons to consider partially burying your above ground pool. It may be impractical for many situations like high water tables and other limiting factors. But if it sounds like something you may want to do be sure to start with a high quality pool like the ones we sell at poolsaboveground. Our pools are warrantied for partial inground installations, cheaper models aren't always made with the same materials and tend to be thin, flimsy or corrode quickly, neither is ideal for a semi inground install. 

Also consider adding a bead track for your pool liner. This will make changing the vinyl pool liner much easier and quicker in the future. Not having to disassemble the pool to swap liners keeps the stability of the wall in place and lessens the chances of cave ins. If you have additional questions be sure to give us a call or drop a an email.

January 29, 2021