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Simple Above Ground Pool Leak Repair

By Pools Above Ground
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Simple Above Ground Pool Leak Repair

Installing an above ground swimming pool in your backyard is an investment in your family. Not only can it be a budget-friendly option, but it is also easy to maintain and, with proper care, a high-quality above ground swimming pool can last over 25 years. As well, if you move to another house, you can easily disassemble an above ground swimming pool so it can be set up elsewhere. One common issue to look out for to prolong the life of your pool is leak repair. Luckily, leak repair for an above ground pool is simple with the right information and tools in hand.

Pool Liner Above ground swimming pools typically use vinyl liners, which can last up to 12 years. You can get the most out of your pool liner by keeping it covered when not in use. A common source of pool leaks is a rip in this liner caused by sharp objects cutting into the pool edges or the floor. This can be something as simple as a stray rock, tree branch, broken toy, or even a piece of glass. Even one tear in your pool liner left for a period of time can drastically reduce the life of the liner. If you notice a leak caused by a tear in your pool liner, it can be easily repaired with a patch kit, especially for above ground swimming pools. Patches aren’t a long-term solution, but they can last a while if repaired correctly.

Skimmer Another common leak around an above ground pool is a skimmer leak. The skimmer for an above ground pool pulls water from the pool through the filter system - when it is good working order. If you opt for a large pool, you may need to install more than one skimmer based on the square footage of the pool. The most important parts of a pool skimmer are the lid, the removable basket, and three valves. A skimmer will catch debris before it enters the filter. However, it can become damaged or loosened and cause a leak. One common skimmer lean occurs when the edges loosen, and water is pulled through the sides as well as the mouth. If you see the pool’s water levels dropping quickly and leveling off around the mouth, you likely have a skimmer leak.

Pump and Filter Every above ground swimming pool has a pump and filter - they are necessary to keep your pool clean and prolong its life. When your skimmer is clogged, it can cause the pool pump to leak. This can be repaired by first turning off the pool pump and removing the skimmer and cleaning out its contents. Your pool pump may also leak if air enters the pump instead of the intended water. When air is pulled into the return lines or intake, this reduces the filtered water from properly returning to the pool. Pressure builds in the lines. One way to prevent this is to make sure the pump and filter both stay dry. If there is a leak in the seal shaft, turn off the pump and call a professional. In this case, it is more than clearing the clog. When it comes to repairing common leaks in your above ground pool, you don’t often need to consult a professional. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Attempting to fix a complicated leak or more significant repair on your own can be costly.

June 29, 2019