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The Importance of an Above Ground Pool Liner

By Pools Above Ground
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The Importance of an Above Ground Pool Liner

Swimming pool liners are one of the most vital accessories that pool owners will initially purchase for their pool. Especially for above ground swimming pools, pool liners can genuinely set a pool apart from the rest – as well as affect the overall performance of the swimming pool. While there are several essential tools for care and maintenance of an above ground pool, your pool's liner is a particularly significant decision as it also affects the structure of the pool itself.

When you get ready to purchase a liner for your above ground swimming pool, you must measure your swimming pool first. The importance of a fitting, secure pool liner is in the liner's protective aspects. If a pool liner does not fit, it can be deemed useless and is frankly a waste of both money and time. Not all liners are not capable of stretching to fit swimming pools, so taking the time to know the exact size of your pool.

Swimming Pool Liners

It is not only essential to know the advantages of above ground pool liners, but of each type. There are four primary types of swimming pool liners for above ground pools. These include overlap pool liners, expandable pool liners, uni-bead pool liners, and beaded pool liners. Both overlap pool liners and uni-bead liners are easy to install. While overlap liners are the most affordable options, uni-bead liners are stylish, and there are no additional parts necessary for use.

For those pool owners that have a deep-end above the ground swimming pool, expandable pool liners are the best option. In actuality, these larger pool liners are merely tall overlap liners. They are built more significant to accommodate deeper swimming areas for up to 3 feet of additional depth. For a typical above the ground swimming pool, depth can be expanded up to 7 feet.

Beaded pool liners, often looked over for uni-bead pool liners. They operate with a bead track and just snap into the bead track or receiver along the top of the pool wall. Simple to install and use, these pool liners work only for above ground swimming pools – one primary advantage of this type of pool liner.

Regardless of the swimming pool liner that you choose, understand that picking a quality liner is going to reflect positively on extending the life and strength of your above ground swimming pool. From overlap pool liners to beaded liners, speak to a pool expert today so that you can choose an excellent pool liner to better the lives of your swimming pool.

January 17, 2018