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Which Swimming Pool Cover is Right for You?

By Pools Above Ground
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Which Swimming Pool Cover is Right for You?

There are several types of swimming pool covers out there. Particularly the above ground pool owner, have a high-quality, and lasting swimming pool cover is a significant investment. Regardless of the type of protection you need for your pool, they will make each work to protect it from the elements.

For those looking for a cover that not only keeps heat where it should be but also provides warmth. Solar covers are designed to help retain the heat that is in the pool as well as being able to harness the energy from the sun to help lower your heating costs. It is one of the most affordable types of pool heaters. It is important to know that solar covers are not a safety cover, and often cannot hold much weight, especially with children or pets around.

If saving on your pool's heating costs is not as important as keeping your family safe, there are a variety of pool covers to choose from. Solid safety pool covers are particularly strong, and these sheets are ideal for covering your pool up for an extended period, whether to keep your kids safe or during the colder months. You can also find mesh safety pool covers to be equally as strong as a solid safety cover for above ground pools.

Swimming Pool Covers

A winter pool cover is made from non-porous tarpaulin that prevents outside contaminants such as natural debris. It is thicker and more durable as it is placed over an above ground pool to protect it during the colder months when your pool isn't in use. They also block sunlight, and this prevents the growth of algae. Winter covers are not only reliable, but you can also purchase mesh winter pool covers. It means that melted snow or rainwater that would typically pool on the surface of a solid pool cover will sit through into the pool's water.

For extra protection against the elements, mainly leaves and twigs, purchase leaf nets for your above ground swimming pool. These can be easily installed and placed onto most other covers, and can primarily keep the leaves and twigs out of your swimming pool during the colder months as well to make for a smoother transition to the new season.

Pool covers can help to protect your above ground pool safe from the elements, and make an affordable option more affordable by providing heat retention. Particularly for above ground pools, pool covers are essential for keeping the pool maintained, clean, and safe for your family to use – and keeping it safe from your family. A pool cover indeed protects the investment that you made in your home's above ground swimming pool.

January 13, 2018