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Build Your Own Custom Above Ground Pool Kit

These above ground pool kits are for those looking for flexibility when selecting their ideal above ground pool. These pool kits come with the pool frame, walls, standard liner and skimmer/ return fittings and are popular with those just needing to replace the pool itself. This category is also very popular those wishing to customize or select only certain components. Different liner prints, pool steps, filter systems and other accessories can be added to the base kit to create the perfect pool for your backyard. As with all of our above ground pool packages, all components are properly sized and work well with the pool size and model selected. Free shipping within the contingent 48 states is included with purchase of any above ground pool and accessories.

Above Ground Pool Installation And Resources

To help make your new swimming pool installation experience easy, each pool includes a paper installation manual as well as a swimming pool installation DVD. We have also added the installation manuals and exploded parts diagrams for each pool model right here on our website.

In addition to instructional materials, we offer unlimited technical assistance and support throughout your pool installation process. Our 30 years of experience building and selling above ground swimming pools can be an invaluable asset. For live tech support for your new pool simply give us a call.

Quality Custom Above Ground Swimming Pool

Pools Above Ground's above ground swimming pools are high-quality swimming pools that are carefully selected to ensure that your investment is right. While we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and types of above ground swimming pools, Pools Above Ground gives you the option to build the pool that you and your family can use for several years if taken care of properly.

When you order a build your custom pool kit for an above ground swimming pool, you will receive nothing less than the best American-made quality products. Complete pool packages, regardless of how customized they are made to be, include a pool liner, entire pool assembly, a skimmer kit that may vary, and a return fitting. They also include an installation manual and live tech support. Some packages add a video to help you along with installation and setup. Every accessory and component for our swimming pools are carefully selected and only the best that we can offer.

There are two primary wall heights for the above ground swimming pools, 52-inch, and 54-inch walls. There are also several pool sizes, from a mere 10-feet round to a 21-foot by the 41-foot oval swimming pool. You can choose a complete pool package or customize size and shape to suit your needs.

Pools Above Ground provides three top ledge materials. They are resin, steel, and wood. The high-tech resin used with a swimming pool, and, which paired with the sturdy steel frame construction, it becomes ideal for those harsher environments. Brands sold include such trusted names as Aqua-Bois, Hoffinger Industries, and Wilbar Industries. More specifically, there are seven models available from Pools Above Ground. These include Amazone, Caribbean, Caspian, Mediterranean, Montego, Paradise, Savanna, Shasta, and Southern Sea.

The Amazone pool is a beautiful wood swimming pool that is made by Aqua-Bois. It includes top ledges made of wood that are constructed from treated pine, which is a species of wood that famously stands up against harsh weather conditions. Some wood swimming pools are made from Red Cedar, but in comparison with pine, it is one-third hard and more rupture resistant. It is also more shock resistant. When the incomparable beauty is added to the mix, wood is the ideal material for above ground pools for many. The Savana model is another wood swimming pool but is best for those with a small family due to its size.

The Caribbean model features all-steel construction and a neutral Pearl color. It requires minimum investment – with minimal pieces, and parts include - and can last for several years. For true durability and strength, the Montego model is a heavy duty, and all steel swimming pool that has numerous ledges is full compared to other models and can stand up to the toughest kids. The Paradise model, then, is an excellent choice for those looking for something durable that does not mean ruse as metal does.

In particular, the Southern Sea model is designed to suit a saltwater swimming pool as well as a traditional chlorine pool. The Caspian and Mediterranean models are built for those looking for a saltwater swimming experience. If you are looking for an above ground pool with a deep end, the Shasta model can boast of this feature as its best quality. The deep end can be as deep as 7 feet, being shallow at first and steadily dipping into the deeper end.

When you obtain an above ground swimming pool from Pools Above Ground, you will never have settle. While we offer several well-put together pool packages that our customers love, we also know that our customers should be allowed to create that ideal swimming pool. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, and the first swimming pool you buy should be your last. If there are just too many options to choose from, comparison shop among our various pool kits to find the one that is right for you.

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