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Swimming Pool Filters

There are two primary types of swimming pool filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. Pools Above Ground sells these two primary kinds of filters, regardless of which fits your swimming pool and your budget. Pool filters sold from Pools Above Ground are high-quality filters for your home swimming pool. When you choose a pool filter, consider that time, cartridge size, hours of use, chemicals, and natural factors affect the life of the filter – and the type of filter and strength that you'll need.

Sand filters are often the least expensive option for swimming pool filtration systems. Filtration using sand is an ancient practice, and many pool owners today still swear by this method to keep their pools clean. They are simple in design and require little attention. When water enters the top, it will be spread evenly over the top of the sand bed, and it will trap any debris in the water. Clean water returns to the swimming pool. However, the sand will start to become clogged with debris and oil, so it should be cleaned regularly. These filters are replaced every three to five years.

The Hayward Pro Series is a compelling option sand filtration system that is both durable and corrosion-proof. You may also choose Pentair's Sand Dollar sand filters, which can work for both above ground and inground pools. As well, Waterway offers large filters that do not require much attention and is easy to assemble.

A cartridge filter, for most pool owners, is the best value for its price. While sand filters are less expensive, a cartridge filter is a much simpler design, and there are fewer parts involved in the process. Offering the most filtration per square foot, this type of filter is a reliable option that can last between two and five years before a replacement will be needed. They are also great for small pools with limited space as their long, slender design makes them perfect for tight spaces.

While the pool's pump is running, water from the swimming pool enters the filter tank and through the filter's cartridge element. As it is forced through, debris, algae, and insects are filtered out of the water – only clean and safe water is pushed back. Cartridge filters should be cleaned every one to two weeks to ensure that your swimming pool has a steady stream of clean and filtered water.

We sell complete filter systems as well as filter tanks on their own. In the full filter system kits, which are the best value as a set, can come with both cartridge and sand filters. From reliable brands made in the United States, you'll find what you need. These filter systems are excellent for both old and new above ground swimming pools and include everything to have your pool running safely. Each set consists of a pump, filter body mounting, platform base, hoses, clamps, fittings and all other accessories.

Single filters can fit into your current filtration system, or serve as an upgrade for those in which they fit. Pools Above Ground has pool filters that are small enough for spas and smaller above ground pools, to extra strength filters to suit large inground or above ground swimming pools.

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