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Salt Systems

Swimming Pool Salt Systems

At Pools Above Ground, we understand that you want to customize your pool and filtration system to suit yours and your family's needs. While we carry the best and most well-known pool filtration systems, alternative systems such as those that utilize something more natural than chlorine: salt.

Swimming pool salt systems use a saltwater generator to produce hypochlorous acid to sanitize the pool through the process of electrolysis. This process involves the breakdown of the salt by passing electricity through the saltwater solution. Salt is added to the water, and the total salt content of your pool will be about one-tenth of the salt content of the ocean.

There are several benefits of installing a saltwater system for your swimming pool. Swimming pool saltwater systems do not eliminate the need for chlorine, but they do require much less chlorine and other such pool chemicals. Traditional chlorine swimming pools need chlorine tablets or sticks added into the water on a weekly basis. Although chemicals need to be checked on a weekly basis for either pool, a saltwater pool will need more salt added to the water rather than more chemicals.

Chlorine pools also need shocks, which help to prevent algae buildup and keep chlorine levels consistent. In comparison, saltwater pools need shocks much less often. Typically, saltwater pools will only need a chlorine shock if you experience a heavy rainstorm or if you notice algae beginning to bloom in the pool. Installing a saltwater system for your pool means fewer chemicals in the water and less maintenance over the pool's lifetime.

There are a few concerns when it comes to salt systems for swimming pools. The salt itself can have an adverse effect on the pool's parts. These accessories include any lighting fixtures, the pool liner, and any masonry work in the swimming pool. You must also consider your pool's original construction and parts, as they may just not be able to handle a saltwater system.

If your pool is made of concrete, for example, it will need resurfacing much sooner if you use a saltwater system rather than a chlorine system. However, if your swimming pool is made of fiberglass, it can handle having a saltwater filtration system. You must also check to make sure that your pool's warranty is not voided by the corrosive nature of a saltwater filtration system.

At Pools Above Ground, we carry three significant brands of saltwater filtration systems: Hayward and Solaxx. The Solaxx Saltron Retro saltwater pool filtration system can boast of a one-year warranty, is easy to install, and an affordable option. It is entirely automatic and can be mounted onto both new and existing swimming pools.

Hayward offers two saltwater filtration systems, the first being the Aqua Trol RJ. It works with above ground swimming pools up to 20,000 gallons and includes an easy-to-read display panel and an automatic self-cleaning salt cell. The complete package, which consists of all necessary equipment including salt cell, control box, and pool pump, comes with a one-year warranty. The other model, the Hayward Aqua Rite is for larger pools up to 40,000 gallons and an appropriately higher power unit.