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Winter Covers

Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

We've all heard that phrase in everyday conversation: winter is coming. The summer has long closed up, but autumn throws us a few warm days. If you have not already winterized your above ground swimming pool, now is the time. While the process takes time, it is not impossible. In fact, it is crucial that you properly winterize your above ground pool to protect your investment and lengthen the life of your pool.

One of the essential steps in winterizing your swimming pool is to unveil and utilize the above ground winter pool covers that you have on hand for the colder months. These covers should be a snug fit around your pool to keep out debris. They can be purchased for any shape and size of above ground pool. At Pools Above Ground, we carry winter pool covers to fit swimming pools of every size and model. There are several practical reasons to invest in a high quality above ground pool cover.

There are several benefits to installing a winter pool cover on your above ground pool. Pool covers, in general, are the ideal way to keep your pool clean at any time year. They keep debris out of the water and can help prevent the growth of algae, which can mean unnecessary maintenance when it gets out of hand. A pool cover can ultimately cut the amount of time that you spend on swimming pool maintenance. It will also decrease the amount of water lost from the swimming pool. Evaporation is the leading cause of pool water loss and using a cover on the pool this damage is dramatically reduced. It is essential that your cover does fit your pool correctly or you cannot experience these benefits.

Winter pool covers have two variations: mesh and solid pool covers. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, and each pool owner's needs will dictate the kind of winter pool cover that they purchase. The solid winter pool cover is non-porous, so it is strong and protects your pool from algae and debris build-up during the colder months. However, to control the collection of rainwater and melting snow, a cover pump is necessary.

With the mesh winter pool cover, there is no cover pump necessary. However, you will see that, come spring; spare cleaning is required for addition to the initial ‘shock' back to life that comes with warmer weather. If you live in a colder region and cannot make it outside to tend to your cover pump, it may be worth the extra cleaning. At Pools Above Ground, you will find the right cover for your pool regardless.

As well, you want to invest in a cover that lasts. These benefits can last much longer than a few seasons. Pools Above Ground has winter pool covers that continue anywhere from 10 to 25 years, and the Ultra-Premium 25-Year cover is the most robust cover that we carry. It is worth every penny and lasts season and season with little to no damage.

Winter Pool Covers are a non-porous tarpaulin like cover that's placed over the swimming pool and on the water's surface and prevents outside contaminants like rainwater, leaves, critters and other types of debris from entering the pool water. Solid winter covers do a great job at keeping your pool clean when not in use and also prevents the growth of algae by blocking it's needed sunlight. All of our solid pool covers block at least 95 percent of sunlight. Thicker cover last longer and are more durable.

Pool Covers Save Time

Aside from just keeping debris from entering your pool, using a pool cover regularly can dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance time required to keep your pool sparkling clean by hours each month.

Pool Covers Prevent Water Loss

Using a winter pool cover regularly on any above ground or inground swimming pool will save on water consuption. Because evaporation is the leading cause of pool water loss, covering your swimming pool when not in use will prevent water from leaving the pool and in turn reduce water consumption and pool chemical loss.

Winter Pool Covers Prevent Liner Fade

Liner fade is a direct result of the sun's damaging UV rays. By simply placing a pool cover on your vinyl liner swimming pool when not in use you will significantly reduce the amount of UV from doing damage to your vibrant colorful pool liner. Not only the the sun fade the liner prints, it also makes the pool liner harden and crack over time. Old faded pool liners often tear like a sheet of paper with prolonged exposure to the sun. This is especially true for pool owners in southern states with long summers and strong sunshine.

Winter Pool Covers are a bargain when you consider their advantages. This small investment can save you hundreds of dollars in water bills, additional chemical costs and pool liner replacements. Show your above ground pool some love by treating it to a winter pool cover this year.

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