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Wood Pools

Wooden Above Ground Pools

Wooden Pools - Whether it's above ground or semi-inground, wood above ground pools are uniquely stylish and elegant. They are available in a palette of colors designed to compliment the natural nobility of wood while enhancing your outdoor environment. These beautifully constructed wood pools are a work of art and a serious departure from the typical above ground pool. Their striking looks and solid wood construction are often described as "lawn furniture" as they are as much a pleasure to look as they are great at providing years of enjoyment for families of all sizes. It's clear to see that nothing beats the natural look of wood.

Included Items In Our Wood Above Ground Pool Kits

These real wood above ground pools are for those looking for flexibility when creating their backyard landscape. All wood pool kits come with the pool frame, walls, premium 25. beaded liner and skimmer/ return fittings. When shopping our wood pool catelog you have the ability to select different liner prints, pool steps, filter systems and other accessories to add to the base kit to create the perfect pool for your backyard. All components offered for the wooden pools are properly matched and work well with the pool size and model selected. Free shipping within the contingent 48 states is included with purchase of any wooden above ground pool and accessories.

Above Ground Pool Installation And Resources

To help make your new wooden swimming pool installation experience easy, each pool includes a paper installation manual and parts diagrams. We have also added the installation manuals, exploded parts diagrams and install videos for each pool model right here on our website.

In addition to instructional materials, we offer unlimited technical assistance and support throughout your pool installation process. Our 30 years of experience building and selling above ground swimming pools can be an invaluable asset. For live tech support for your new pool simply give us a call.


Pools Above Ground carries a wide variety of above ground swimming pools. From steel to durable resin, you can find the size, shape, and accessories that you need to create that perfect summer experience in your family's backyard. However, if you want something truly unique, you will find this in a wooden above ground pool. They give an elegant look that may be lacking from the typical above ground swimming pool.

The wood swimming pools from Pools Above Ground are manufactured by Aqua-Bois, a durable and beautiful brand out of Canada. These swimming pools come in a variety of colors that are complementary to the natural beauty of the wood itself. It will indeed make your family's swimming area stand out from the rest. Wood swimming pools are striking and look quite a bit like lawn furniture for many – in the best way.

Wood swimming pools are an excellent idea for those who appreciate a more natural look, much likethe woodies that we loved in the sixties and seventies. Not much can beat the beautiful look of natural wood. Also, Pools Above Ground also provide semi-inground wooden swimming pools. The wood pools at Pools Above Ground come in a palette of six colors. The color is sometimes different from what you may see online, but this is only due to variations in real-life and computer monitors. When browsing the website, choose the no-stain option, and you can directly apply your stain. The pool liners, as well, come in two print choices. They are then used to keep your swimming pool safe and secure.

At Pools Above Ground, there are two types of wood pool models, the Amazone, the Boreale and the Savanna. The Amazone model is made for only above ground swimming pools, and the only semi-inground model is the Boreale. It can be installed between 24 inches and 36 inches into the earth, and the primary difference is in the wood used for this swimming pool model. It is made from treated Red Pine, which is used for any semi-inground wood swimming pool, as it is better suited for such an environment.

At Pools Above Ground, the wall of each wooden swimming pool models sits 52 inches high. The top ledges come in two materials, resin and wood. A resin is a relatively maintenance free material, and it will not warp, crack, split, or rust over time. It is an incredibly tough material and ideal for use in swimming pools.

Complete packages from Pools Above Ground include the essential amenities that you need to set up and operate your family's new swimming pool. For an above ground wooden pool, the package comes without a stain, a pool liner, a skimmer, and return kit, a bead track, an installation manual, and the live tech support that you need to get your pool up and to run. There is also a customization option, and you can upgrade your swimming pool's liner and add any additional accessories. At Pools Above Ground, you will find the ideal pool for your family. From its striking appearance to its long life, wooden swimming pools are a beautiful addition to any home.

Building the Best Deck for Your Above Ground Pool

Many swimming pools, both above and inground, share a sleek, modern look. This look is ideal for the installation of tile around the pool and can help keep a less expensive pool look as if it's a bit more. However, there are more options. One option is to use natural wood to create a rustic and elegant look for both inbound and above ground pools.

Natural wood swimming pools have a striking, sharp look that is often described as looking like ‘lawn furniture.' While this sounds tacky and most people do prefer a sleek and modern look around their home; there is still precious little that can beat the rustic look of wood. Another way to add this traditional look to your above ground swimming pool is to build a wood pool deck.

Now, it is not easy to build your wood pool deck. However, once constructed, it is well worth the effort from the otherwise. It is not a project that can be rushed. Especially if you take this project on your own, you will need to take each step carefully and make sure to gather the right amount of material. There are four primary steps in building a wood pool desk: installing the support posts, growing the frame, installing the decking, and installing the railings. Each level can vary a bit from material to material.

Wood decks are the most popular, and even though some sturdier types of wood can be a bit more expensive, they are worth it for most people. Routine maintenance is necessary, but wood decks can last for decades if they are well taken care of. Wood decks can be built to accommodate any shape and size of above ground pool.

Aluminum is another material that can be used for a pool deck. These are commonly sold with some above ground pools, so one negative aspect of this type of layer is that they are often not customizable. However, they are easy to install and tolerate cold water thoroughly. Aluminum decks can also come with carpeting, which can be quite comfortable.

For all the benefits of an aluminum deck with a more modern look, prefabricated resin decks are one option. These are a favorite option because they do not deteriorate in harsh weather, and are cheaper than aluminum. They can also come in several different colors and can be customized to meet most shapes and sizes of above ground swimming pools. If you want the illusion of living in a castle, you can choose to install a stone deck. It is one of the most expensive options, but who cares when you live dangerously?

Composite style decks are often the best choice, regardless of their popularity in the market. These layers are genuinely customizable, and each pool owner can have their exact needs and wants to be met. If you want a part of your deck to be made of stone and another of wood, a composite style deck is going to be something that you'll discuss with your family – or a contractor.

When choosing a deck for your above ground pool, there are a few things to consider. Know the size and shape of the pool that you own, and what your style and budget are. Your deck should be a beautiful and functional extension of your swimming pool.

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