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Leaf Nets

Above Ground Leaf Net Covers

Leaf nets are often used by pool owners who experience a lot of falling leaves or pine needles during the swimming off season. A leaf net looks much like a fishing net but made from Polyethylene to prevent decay or breakdown. The leaf net is simply used in conjunction with any type of pool cover to make removing large amount of debris from the cover easy. Leaf net are placed on top of the winter cover and held down by it's eyelets or by water blocks when used on inground pool covers.

During Spring opening the leaf net is removed first, taking with it all the large debris that has collected on top. Now removing the winter cover will be much cleaner and mess free. Eliminating the large decaying mess will allow the cover pump to operate freely and not become clogged with rotting organic matter.

Leaf nets are black in color and ordered by pool size. They are larger than the pool so there is plenty of excess material.

A Good Investment On Leaf Net Covers

Above ground leaf nets make spring cleaning quick and easy. Leaf nets serve to make a thick and protective cover that is much more efficient, as they are typically an addition to your primary swimming pool cover. They, as their name suggests, are designed to be placed over a pool cover to prevent leaves and other debris from getting on the cover. Leaf nets are ideal for use with winter covers, mostly used when it comes to winterizing your pool during the colder seasons. While several steps are necessary for this process, the pool cover and leaf net are two of the most important additions to your above ground pool.

Above ground leaf net covers are ideal for those pool owners who have a problem with leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other harsh natural debris falling into their pool. When used over the primary pool cover, maintenance is made easier than ever. Leaf nets have a tight mesh construction that helps to trap the leaves before they reach your pool cover. The leaf net is laid directly onto your pool cover.

Above ground leaf nets are made from durable woven polyethylene and have an additional 3-foot overlap. The covers include rip proof metal grommets which are spaced 3-foot apart across the perimeter of the cover and comes with cables to secure and tighten the cover for a snug fit. At Pools Above Ground, we carry above ground leaf nets for all sizes of above ground pools. If your swimming pool is missing, just call one of our pool experts to see what we can do for you.

When you prepare your pool for a leaf net cover or any other cover, it is best not to have the water level on the top ledge. If it is, your leaf net and the water will be separated by a gap, and this allows for debris and other pollutants to make their way into the swimming pool, which is the opposite of what you need from a leaf net or pool cover. Before placing a leaf net on the pool or cover, make sure that the surface of the water is free from leaves or pine needles.

Like other types of pool covers, leaf nets come in every shape and size. At Pools Above Ground, we carry leaf nets for round and rectangular above ground swimming pools. Our durable leaf nets come with metal grommets around the entire perimeter and are attached to the pool with a securing cable and tightening winch that are included. Be sure to correctly measure the dimensions of your swimming pool before choosing a leaf net for your pool's cover. It is crucial that you only use leaf nets and pool covers that fit perfectly, as they cannot do their job correctly otherwise. Call us if you do not know your pool's size: the pool experts at Pools Above Ground are always happy to help.

Investing in swimming pool cover does not only protect your pool but your investment. You've spent thousands of dollars on a gorgeous, heavy-duty above ground pool that your family cherishes with each season.

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