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Above Ground Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh Winter Pool Covers are very similar in appearance to the solid pool cover, the mesh winter pool cover is a porous version that allows rain water and melting snow to pass through the cover into the swimming pool while stopping twigs, leaves and any large debris from entering the water. However very small debris or silt will make it through, but this will require minimal clean up during spring time. And with no water accumulation on the cover, no cover pump is required for it's removal. Mesh pool covers also attach to the pool or deck the same way as the solid covers do.

When it comes to picking a pool cover, Pools Above Ground gives pool owners plenty of choices. While it can seem like almost too much choice as you shop our online catalog, it is essential to understand what you are looking for when you make your final purchase. One of the most durable pool covers at Pools Above Ground is the mesh above ground pool cover. Mesh pool covers are particularly durable in comparison to other swimming pool covers.

The mesh pool covers at Pools Above Ground are made with finely woven black polyethylene mesh, and this mesh allows water to pass through while larger debris cannot. These sheets are often used as winter pool covers due to being heavy-duty. These covers can take a significant amount of weight under, before bending its pressure. This includes leaves, twigs, pine needles, and even insects. Mesh covers can be used year-round in a variety of climates and can help eliminate some of your pool's daily maintenance. Mesh covers are porous, so water can get through without transferring any debris.

Mesh pool covers provide excellent winter protection if you close your above ground pool in the offseason. Especially if you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall during the winter, a mesh cover will allow the snow to melt into the pool while keeping dirt and debris out of it. Once you open your pool in the spring, the smaller debris that gets through is easily cleaned up with a pool vacuum.

At Pools Above Ground, we carry mesh covers for both oval and round pools. As with any other type of pool cover, make sure that you measure your swimming pool properly before purchasing a cover. If a mesh cover does not fit correctly, it cannot do its job. As these covers are ordered per pool size, simply call us and ask if you do not see your pool's size in our catalog. We are always looking to expand our online list.

Each mesh cover sold from Pools Above Ground comes with a securing cable and a tightening winch. It also includes metal grommets that run every 3 feet along the perimeter of the pool cover. Our mesh covers have an 8-year warranty attached as well. They are more affordable than other heavy-duty covers; they are lightweight, and easier to install and manage. The covers are about 4 feet larger than advertised, and this means that there is plenty of overhang on the sides of the pool.

The cover that you choose for your swimming pool can have a significant effect on the safety of your pool area. Investing in a high quality above ground mesh cover can be crucial when keeping wandering little ones and family pets a safe distance from your swimming pool. If you look away for a moment, and your child runs outside, you will no longer be troubled about them falling into the pool if your cover is heavy-duty and fits your pool well.


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