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Solar Pool Cover Reels

Pool covers are a crucial part of your pool maintenance pool kit. Solar covers are a popular option, as they will protect your above ground and inground pools from dirt and debris, as well as help, reduce your pool's heating costs. They are an excellent investment for your pool, regardless of the type of size. Solar covers help to cut down on the time that you spend maintaining your swimming pool.

Solar covers help to retain pool chemicals and water from escaping from the pool, which can be a considerable loss for pool owners over time. If you have a solar cover, it is best to invest in a solar pool cover reel to keep it in. Solar cover reels are a great addition to your swimming pool as they make installing a solar cover onto your pool easy. A solar cover reel makes pool maintenance more comfortable, as well.

Solar pool cover reels help pool owners are stored in a dry and safe place, and once you need it again, it only takes a one person a few minutes to roll it back into the pool. Solar cover reels work for any pool size or model, whether you have a saltwater or traditionally chlorinated swimming pool. As long as the solar cover fits the pool well, the solar cover reel will operate adequately.

The high-quality solar cover reels sold at Pools Above Ground are manufactured by GLI Pool Products, which are proudly made in the United States. The GLI Hurricane Solar Cover Reel. These reels are built tough against hurricanes, and they are for inground swimming pools up to 20 feet wide. This solar cover reel is engineered with high-strength nylon bearings that allow for single-person operation. It is made from high-quality commercial grade structural aluminum. The 16-foot model of the GLI Hurricane is an idea for pools up to 16-feet wide.

Both sizes of the GLI Hurricane solar cover reel has a big 3-inch diameter anodized aluminum tube for enduring strength. It does not rust or corrodes, and it can even fit under most diving boards for more accessible storage. Solar cover reels handle solar covers well, and these pool reels help to extend the life of the pool on either or both ends. It can be difficult to roll up a wet pool cover, and solar cover reels take a bit of hassle out of your hands.

The GLI Hurricane Reel Mobile Caster Kit is made for GLI Hurricane solar cover reels. This kit includes straps and all hardware necessary to install a solar blanket. With a five-year warranty, you can purchase locking casters that are available and make for smooth roll away storage. This optional kit makes the GLI Hurricane Solar Cover Reel more portable and more straightforward to store, but they only fit onto Hurricane Reels. It has eight casters and all bracket hardware.

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