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Beaded Liners

Beaded Pool Liners

Beaded pool liners work only in above ground pools that use a bead track to attach the liner to the top of the pool. Beaded liners simply snap down into the bead track or bead receiver that runs along the entire top of the pool wall. Because the Unibead liner is capable of doing the same thing, there is no need to stock both style liners any longer. However we do stock the Doughboy, Lomart and Embassy factory replacement beaded liners. Note: It's very important to measure your pool including wall height before ordering any beaded or unibead liner, and use only the correct wall height for your pool. Using the incorrect height liner can cause unwanted wrinkling.

Tips For A Leak-Free Beaded Pool Liner Installation

When replacing your overlap pool liner it pays to be prepared. The last you you need is to have your pool disassembled for the installation of your new liner only to find that you need some additional items. Having installed thousands of beaded pool liners here, I can give you some very good advise that will make your liner install day go much smoother.

If you are installing an beaded pool liner it's agood idea to  when you purchase new bead track with your new liner. bead track or bead receiver may look fine, but once it becomes very old it may lose the ability to hold the liner in the track. Metal track can be tightened back up with a hammer or mallet. Older bead track make from plastic often sags and the gap that holds the liner widens. This allows the pool liner to pop out and not stay in place. Bead track is fairly inexpensive and great insurance that your pool liner will stay where it belongs.

Another item that should be examined is the pool skimmer and gaskets. A leaking skimmer is the number one reason pool walls rust out and fail. This is mainly due to bad gaskets, but the plastic skimmer itself can be an issue. A few minutes of time is all that's needed to examine these pieces and ensure a leak-free install.

Once removed from the pool look closely at the screw holes in the skimmer box itself. They often become cracked and stripped out and if this occurs you'll never be able to tighten them properly to get that leak-free seal. Be sure to look at the skimmer faceplate, it often is cracked or warped. Either one of these conditions will practically guarantee a problem. While you're at it, examine the gaskets too. Paper ones should be replaced but the silicone or rubber ones usually hold up well. But if they were not installed properly and have additional holes in them replace 'em.

Beaded Liner Installation Final Details

Now that you no longer will have to worry about a leaky beaded pool liner, we can address making your above ground pool last longer while having a better experience while using it. The most important part is extending the life of your pool and this is done before the new overlap liner goes in. Take the time to address any rust on the inside of the pool wall. A quick scraping or sanding to remove corrosion followed by a coat of rust preventing paint is all that's needed to stop the rust in it's tracks.

Once the wall is a ready, turn your attention to the pool floor. Now is the time to smooth out that bottom and remove any pesky rocks or fill in any ruts. Be sure to rebuild the cove around the edges and treat the ground to weed killer if needed. Now it's time to get that new overlap pool liner in and enjoy your pool for many swim seasons to come.

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