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Expandable Liners

Expandable Pool Liners

Expandable pool liners are simply very tall overlap liners. Extra big to ensure adequate material exists to accommodate deeper swimming areas. Some expandable liners allow for up to 3 feet of additional water depth, making typical above ground pools up to 6 feet deep. Deep ends and deep centers are created by dishing out the pool floor to the desired shape and depth prior to installing the expandable liner. These liners conform to your unique pool floor shape. Trim off excess material if needed.

Doughboy And Swimline Pool Liner Differences

You'll notice there's a big difference in price between the Swimline and Hoffinger Doughboy pool liners. This is because there's a big difference in liner quality and durability. The Doughboy liners are nearly double in cost but last at least twice to three times longer on average. The more expensive liners are often considered bargains as when you factor in installation and water replacement costs.

The Swimline brand liners are an affordable option the expensive Hoffinger Doughboy replacements and are often selected even by Doughboy pool owners looking to reline their above ground pool at an affordable price. Either way you'll find our pricing excellent on our entire expandable pool liner selection. Please call our tech support line if you need assistance selecting the proper liner for your above ground pool.

Note: Not all expandable liners are the same. Some will accommodate up to 2 feet of additional water depth while other liners can go an additional 3 feet. Although they will work in any brand pool, only the factory Doughboy pool liners should be used for deep ends or deep middles in excess of 2 addition feet of water depth.

The Advantages Of An Expandable Pool Liner

A home swimming pool, especially an above ground pool, is an incredible investment for your family. It may be initially expensive at first, but when well taken care of, it means long-term family fun. While there are several aspects of swimming pools that are necessary for a long life, you must invest first in a strong base. There are four types of above ground swimming pool liners available, generally, and you should choose which is best for both your budget and your setup.

The expandable pool liner is one above ground pool liner that is only used for an oval-shaped pool. It will give your pool a spare 2 to 3 feet, and they are designed to accommodate the extra vinyl that is necessary if your pool has a deep end. They are installed with a buttress strap, which runs over the middle of the liner. Make sure that it is correctly connected because if not you will end up with wrinkles on the pool's floor. An expandable pool liner also moves around a bit more than other liners, so keep this in mind when you are considering it.

The high-quality pool liners from Pools Above Ground come in a variety of sizes to fit any swimming pool. They are large enough to ensure that enough material exists to accommodate larger or deeper swimming areas. They can expand the average above ground pool up to 7 feet deep. Both deep ends and deep centers work best with expandable pool liners and conform well to unusual pool floor shapes. There is no need to forgo the pool liner for your taste.

At Pools Above Ground, we carry brands that you can trust. Including Hoffinger and Swimline, our above ground pool liners are proudly and locally made in the United States. Both Hoffinger and Swimline pool liners come with a 25-year warranty and are made from 100% virgin vinyl. Hoffinger, on the other hand, is commonly known as the best expandable liner on the market, so you know that you are indeed getting the best products from Pools Above Ground. From the small and compact 12-foot round swimming pool to the much more massive 21-foot by 43-foot oval swimming pool, an expandable pool liner is designed to fit any size. You can also find both 25 ga. and 20 mil thick expandable pool liners, while we only carry expandable pool liners for above ground swimming pools with 52-inch walls.

When you choose your swimming pool liner, make sure that it fits well and works with the type of pool that you have. It should be durable, regardless of the kind of pool or liner that you purchase. Comparison shop among the several expandable swimming pool liners and choose which is best for your pool. If you have any questions, ask our pool experts so that you can make the best choice the first time. Swimming pools may seem pricey, but they are indeed an investment in your family and your summer memories.

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