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Solar Covers

Solar Pool Covers

What are solar pool covers? Solar pool covers are typically made of resin or polymer, and the bubbles underneath work to catch the heat from the sunlight and maintain that it is used to heat your pool's water. Also known as a solar blanket, the solar pool cover is utilized to trap some of the warmth from the sunlight going to the pool. It can help warm the water and can save money in the long-term if you are heating your pool.

Water measurement is by British Thermal Units, or BTUs, which is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water per one degree in Fahrenheit. Putting it simply: a single match can heat a pound of water. When you have an above ground swimming pool with hundreds to thousands of gallons of water to heat, the energy costs can add up. Such is the advantage of having a solar cover because as it traps the heat from the sun, it can dramatically lessen your heating costs. Unless you like to swim with the polar bears in the Arctic, you will appreciate having a solar cover on your swimming pool.

Fortunately, solar pool covers are not merely for catching a few rays of sunshine. It can also protect your swimming pool from collecting leaves, dust or other debris that may find its way into the pool. With a solar cover, you cannot expect the type of protection as given with a solid winter cover, but you can expect some coverage. Even if it does not keep the heaviest of leaves away, it can be easily removed and brushed off.

A solar cover can also help you save money on your maintenance practices. When your pool has a solar cover, you help prevent the loss of pool water through evaporation. In the warmer states, swimming pools can lose up to 6 feet of pool water each year from evaporation. Pools can also lose a large number of chemicals through evaporation, and this leads to a homeowner needing to add more chemicals more often. As well, any cover helps take from the time that you spend cleaning the pool.

There are several aspects to consider when you are purchasing a cover for your swimming pool. There are advantages to each, and the primary benefit of a solar cover is to save on heating costs for your family's pool. When summer can be a pricey enough affair, keeping a warm swimming pool shouldn't be costly. We provide solar covers in a variety of sizes to fit rectangular, oval, and round above ground pool models. Our solar pool covers also vary in thickness, as a thicker cover will last longer and resist deterioration.

With Pools Above Ground, you'll find the best solar cover for your family pool and summer memories won't make a significant dent in your wallet. If there is a particular cover that you have in mind that you do not see in our online catalog, simply contact us: we are always looking to expand to help keep customers happy.

Solar Pool Covers are the most economical way to heat your swimming pool. Our solar pool covers or solar blankets work by simply trapping the warmth of the sun's rays in your swimming pool. Made from a Polymer material, solar covers or solar blankets simply float on the water's surface and prevent the warmth in the water from escaping when the swimming pool is not in use. If used regularly, a solar cover alone can add as much as 15˚ F to the water's average temperature. For many this may be all the pool heater you need to extend your pool swimming season by weeks or even months. For those using a gas, propane or heat pump, a solar cover or solar blanket is a necessity for keeping heating costs to a minimum. Heating a swimming pool without the use of a solar cover can double the cost of operating your pool heater.

Solar Cover Selection

When considering your solar cover selection it's important to know the differences between the cover offerings. First, the thicker the solar cover, the better it will perform at retaining pool heat. And secondly, the thicker the material the longer it will last and resist degradation. The larger the number the thicker the cover. 12 mil is thicker than 8 mil.

Solar Cover Reels

Cover reels are the best way to put on, take off and store your new solar pool cover. Using a cover reel is an easy and simple way to ensure your solar cover stays clean and damage free. Using a cover reels prevents dirt and grass from sticking to the cover when removed from the pool. The use of a cover reel also prevents snags and chaffing from occurring when the solar cover is dragged across pavement or caught on sharp objects. Prolong the life of your new solar pool cover investment with a solar cover reel.

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